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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny: Folake and her naughty friends’ erotic sleepover (Part 15)


“Okay,” I answer, sailing into uncharted territory… at least uncharted for me. “We’re going to take this slowly,” I explain. “I don’t want anyone getting over anxious because it’s taking too long,” I say to all around. “This is a new experience for me but I’m confident that the higher her arousal level the easier…

“Your mom and dad’s room,” Folake says. “It’s the largest room, has a king-sized bed, and I’ll change the sheets before they get home.” Kind of weird but probably the best place.

“You’re really all going to watch?” I ask as we’re filing down the corridor to my parent’s bedroom.

“Not just watch,” Sandra says. “We’re there for encouragement and support.”

“Okay,” I answer, sailing into uncharted territory… at least uncharted for me.

“We’re going to take this slowly,” I explain.

“I don’t want anyone getting over anxious because it’s taking too long,” I say to all around. “This is a new experience for me but I’m confident that the higher her arousal level the easier it will be. That’s what I’m going to be focusing on.”

“That sounds great. Can I be next?” Nkechi jokes.

“After me,” Sandra says as she pulls her top over her head.

“What are you doing?” I ask as she discards her bra and pulls the zipper down on her shorts.

“Showing support,” she smiles.

“That’s not all your showing,” I replied, looking to Folake for help but her and Nkechi are stripping their clothes off too.

“We kind of agreed,” Folake shrugs as she slips off her panties, and then hurries around the bed removing the blankets, leaving just the bottom sheet.

“We were all naked together last night, Lenny” Nkechi adds as if that has anything to do with this. Her dark nipples are already broadcasting her arousal and my dick stiffens in my shorts.

“You’re right,” I answer.

“I just… I guess I just didn’t expect it.” I turn back towards the bed and Ruth has already shed her clothing and is lying on the sheet, her legs modestly crossed at her ankles.

Damn! Time to stop complaining. Three naked beauties are just sitting here on the bed, surrounding a naked virgin goddess who is waiting for me to take her virginity. I should pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming, but then I might wake up and I certainly don’t want that. I quickly strip off my clothes, to appreciable murmurs from the spectators, and lock eyes with my niece as I crawl up next to Ruth.

Folake looks so damn fuckable; I wish she were the virgin sacrifice. I clear that incestuous thought from my mind as I turn my attention to Ruth.

“You look so inviting,” I tell her as I pull her into my arms and resume our kiss from earlier. As our tongues dance a gentle prelude to our lovemaking, I caress her tight, round ass and run my hands down her shapely thighs.

“Mmm,” Ruth moans into my mouth as my hand squeezes her firm ass cheek. My dick is pressed against her stomach and her tight nipples are pressing into my chest as our bodies rock together.

“I’ve can’t wait to suck on your nipples,” I tell her breaking the kiss as we both try to catch our breath. She just nods as I trail kisses down her neck. Bringing my hand up to massage her breast, I flick my tongue against her nipple and get rewarded with a deep, guttural moan.

Sucking her nipple into my mouth, I lick it and nibble on it while my hand caresses her small, soft breast.

I spend a long time suckling her breasts, shifting back and forth between her nipples as her arousal builds. Her hands are groping my head as she pulls my head tightly against her chest. Gradually, I move my hand down her stomach and comb my fingers through her pubic hair. I bite her nipple at the same time as my fingers reach her moist pussy and she lets out an audible gasp.

“That sounds good,” Sandra says, smiling at her friend.

“It is,” Ruth murmurs as I smear her slick juices all around her outer labia. Leaving her breasts, I kiss my way up her neck as I split her pussy lips with my middle finger. With intentional synchronization, I slip my finger between her labia and my tongue into her mouth at the exact same time. She moans into my open mouth as I finger the opening of her tight love canal.

“Mmmmm,” Ruth moans around my tongue as I keep up my onslaught on her tender pussy. I catch a glance of the other girls; their faces brimming with excitement as they watch their friend twist around on the bed.

I keep teasing her pussy and rubbing her little love button, as I kiss my way down her body. Positioning myself between her widespread legs, I replace my finger with my tongue and eat her through an amazingly powerful orgasm.

“Oh Oh!” she screams. “Ohhhhh Lenny! Oh God! Ohh!” I’m sucking on her clit and fingering the opening of her tight, virgin pussy. “I’m cumminggggggg!” she screams while entangling her fingers in my hair and pulling my face tightly into her quivering pussy. I stay with her clit until she collapses back on the bed, then start lapping up her sweet nectar.

“You going to fuck her now, Lenny?” Nkechi asks when I pause to take a breath.

“Not yet,” I answer. “She’s not ready yet.

“Yes, I am,” Ruth counters.

“You’ll be more ready after I eat you again,” I answer as I dive back into her delicious pussy. Flicking my tongue in every crevice of her labia, I devour her juices and tongue fuck her tight, virgin hole. She moans appreciatively as I push her legs in the air and lick her asshole.

“You’re right,” she pants, turning her face toward Nkechi, “that feels wonderful!” She squirms responsively as I slowly lick her perineum area, that sensitive area between her asshole and her pussy.

As I progress towards Ruth’s soaked pussy, I stealthily steal glances at Nkechi, Sandra and Folake. All three girls are clearly aroused from watching this live action sex show. While Folake and Sandra are being a somewhat discreet, Nkechi is openly rubbing her widespread pussy and finger fucking herself.

The other two girls have a hand between their legs but are not being so obvious about it. Damn! My dick is hard!

“OOOOOHMYGOD!” Ruth screams, grabbing my head as I relentlessly assault her soaked pussy. Sucking her clit into my mouth and teasing her tight little love canal with my fingers, I feel her tense towards another orgasm. Thrusting her hips off the bed, she pulls my face tightly into her spread open pussy.

“OH YEEEEAHHH!” she groans as her pulsating vaginal muscles try to suck my finger inside and her secretions soak my face. “OH GOD! I’M CUMMING!” she screams.

While Ruth is still in the throes of her second orgasm, I ask Sandra for the condom lying on the cupboard. She grabs it, opens the wrapper and reaches for my dick.

“I can do it,” I tell her, my face covered with pussy juice.

“So can I,” she smiles as she expertly rolls it down my dick. Her fingers linger around the base of my dick and then trail across my balls. “Go get her, beast,” she whispers, slapping me playfully on my ass.

“You’re sure you still want this?” I ask Ruth as I align my hard dick with her soaked pussy lips.

“Don’t even ask that,” she pants.

“Just fuck me, Lenny!” she commands, spreading her thighs as wide as they’ll go.

“Do you want to be on top so you can control the penetration?” I ask somewhat tardily.

“Stop delaying, Lenny,” Nkechi pleads. “She really wants this.”

I make eye contact with each one of my lovely naked companions while I glide my dick toward Ruth’s virgin opening. My dick is rock solid and will easily slip into her well-lubricated hole.

“Your pussy feels incredible,” I say as I push my cockhead ever so slowly into her compact tunnel.

“This is it!” Sandra whispers as the girls move closer. She is extremely tight but the juices from her back-to-back orgasms help me slide easily between her thin lips. I lean down and push my pussy-soaked tongue deep into her mouth just as my dick starts meeting resistance. Ruth engages my tongue without a hint of concern about the lingering taste.

Sandra is right; this is it. I arch my back with my dick poised at the opening of her silky smooth pussy. Ruth instinctively knows what to do. She raises her knees, spreads her legs wider and plants her feet firmly on the bed.

“Ready?” I ask one more time as I break the kiss. She just nods. While I plunge forward she thrusts upward and my dick bursts through her protective barrier, burying itself deep inside her quivering pussy.

“Oooh!” she lets out a breath of air and her face is set in a hard grimace.

“You okay, Ruth,” I ask, watching her face for signs of pain.

“Yeah,” she says unconvincingly. “It hurts but not badly,” I feel her vaginal muscles flexing around my dick as if they are trying to expel a foreign object while her hot pussy juice bubbles heatedly all around it.

I lie perfectly still to let her get used to the feeling before slowly extract my dick from her fiery tunnel. Her pussy feels so hot and so tight! When my cockhead is almost out I slowly push it all the way back in. Her pussy is pulsating with excitement as I slowly repeat the in and out strokes to the oohs and aahs of our naked spectators.

“You’re a woman,” Folake whispers, while brushing hair off her damp forehead.

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