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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny: Folake and her naughty friends’ erotic sleepover (Part 16)


I wrap my arms under her shoulders for leverage and start gradually pumping my dick faster. My balls slap her ass as she thrusts her hips up to meet me stroke for stroke. Damn! Less than one day after breaking up with Bimbo and I’m fucking my niece’s virgin friend… with an audience of naked…

“I am!” she smiles while gradually responding to the motions of my dick. I’m still slowly gliding in and out as she wraps her legs around my back and digs her heels into my ass. She’s hugging me tightly to her chest when she whispers,

“Fuck me, Lenny. Make me cum again.”

I wrap my arms under her shoulders for leverage and start gradually pumping my dick faster. My balls slap her ass as she thrusts her hips up to meet me stroke for stroke. Damn! Less than one day after breaking up with Bimbo and I’m fucking my niece’s virgin friend… with an audience of naked ladies. What the hell! Ruth agrees.

“Oh God! Oh hell yeah! We’re really having sex!” Her nails dig into my back as our rhythmic lovemaking ignites passionate moans and profanity.

“Yes you are,” Nkechi says as she kisses her on the cheek. “You guys are awesome!”

The condom is helping keep my release at bay, but I’m getting close. I pound into her, slamming my pelvic bone against her clit and thrusting my dick deep inside her exceedingly tight pussy.

“Oh yeah! Just like that! Oh yeah!” Ruth holds me tighter, her nails scraping my back as we lose ourselves in the moment. Above our loud breathing I can hear my dick slamming into her drippy pussy and the rhythmic sound of my balls slapping against her ass.

When her orgasm hits and her inner muscles clamp around my rigid dick, I feel a hand sliding down over my ass and caressing my balls. Fuck! That finishes it for me and I jerkily shoot my load into her climaxing pussy. We thrust against each other, gasping for air as we hold on tightly and ride out the pleasure cycle.

“Hmmm,” I murmur, kissing her tenderly on the lips as her pussy quivers around my spent dick.

“Wow!” Folake whispers, “I’ve never watched anyone fuck before. That was amazing.”

“Yeah,” Nkechi adds, her hand still caressing my ass cheeks, as I lay entangled with her friend.

“Who’s next,” Sandra asks, eliciting dirty looks from Folake.

“We agreed this would be for Ruth,” she admonishes her.

“I know but now I’m so fucking horny I’m about to find that rubber dildo,” Sandra says, laughing.

“Thank you, Lenny,” Ruth says pulling my face down for another kiss. She slides her hands down my back and over my ass, where it collides with Nkechi’s hand.

“What the fuck?” she says, turning her head towards Nkechi who just shrugs and they both laugh long and hard.

I finally disengage my spent dick and roll off of Ruth. Her friends are quick to inspect the damage and report that there is very little blood.

“It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would,” Ruth says.

“That’s good,” I say, rolling off the bed and heading for the bathroom to discard the condom. As I leave, the girls are each sharing the discomfort of their first times. I don’t need that information, especially about my niece.

While I’m waiting for the shower spray to get hot, Sandra slips into the bathroom.

“Want me to wash your back, Lenny?” she asks. What the hell, why not?

“Sure,” I answer as I move aside to invite her into the shower. We stand facing each other with the shower spray hitting her back as she lathers soap over my dick and balls.

“I thought you said my back,” I tease.

“We’ll get to that,” she smiles as my dick recovers more quickly than I expected.

“Mmmm,” Sandra purrs as I caress her breast and pinch her nipples. “Once we get all of Ruth’s nasty pussy juice off of you,” she smiles as she wank her soapy hand up and down my fully erect dick and teases my balls,

“Will you fuck me, Lenny?” Before I can respond, she moves her lips to mine and slips her tongue inside my mouth.

I believe I mentioned that Sandra and I are almost the same height. She slips her hands from between us and wraps them around my ass, pressing her smooth pussy against my erection. “You taste like pussy, Lenny,” she says, pausing the kiss while she grinds against my dick. I just smile sheepishly, not knowing how to respond.

“And you recovered fast!”

“You recovered me, Sandra,” I respond, gripping her ass cheeks.

“What are you going to do with it now?” She teases.

“What would you like me to do?” I ask.

Smiling seductively, she turns us around so the shower spray is hitting my back. Freeing herself from my embrace, she turns and places her hands against the tile wall.

“What I’ve wanted to do since you showed up yesterday,” she answers, grinding her ass against my hard dick.

My dick is sandwiched between her wet ass cheeks as I reach under her arms and caress her medium sized breasts.

“Please,” Sandra pleads, spreading her legs apart while glancing at me over her shoulder.

“Please what?” I tease.

“Please put it in me, Lenny.” Who am I to ignore a woman’s wishes? Even if that woman is a 19-year-old friend of my niece. I pull my dick back and align it with her pussy. Gently easing my dick between her swollen pussy lips, I hold it there without moving.

“Ohhh,” she moaned as she pushes back against the intruder. I move with her so that only my cockhead remains inside her juicy pussy.

“Come on! Please!” she begs.

I grip her hips with my hands and slam my dick into her, balls deep in one quick thrust.

“Oh! YEAH!” she cries as my balls slap against her upper thighs and my dick stretches her open. I take long even thrusts and enjoy the sight of her jiggling young ass as my dick disappears inside of her. She has both hands on the wall as I hammer my hard dick into her burning pussy.

“Oh… oh…oh…oh!” her moans punctuate the pounding I’m giving her with low rhythmic moans.

“Yes!” she says, “I’ve needed this!”

The tension build inside my ball and I know I’m not going to last much longer. Sandra has one hand between her legs, working her clit as I pounded her towards the anticipated crescendo.

“Oh, Lenny! Oh yeah… I’m almost there!” Me too! I’m driving it hard, heading into the home stretch. Just when I can’t hold back any longer, Sandra pulls her hand from her clit, braces herself against the wall and clamps her pussy muscles around my dick.

I erupt instantly, jerkily depositing several loads of hot cum inside her pussy. Damn! I forgot the fucking the condom? I freeze, holding her perfectly still.

“Don’t stop!” Sandra grasps, “Ride it out!”

“We forgot the condom!” I say, foolishly.

“Forget it, I’m on the pill!” she says, angrily.

“Just keep going!” I pick up the rhythm, riding her through the final stages of her orgasm. I’m tired and the water is pounding on my back.

“We should wash,” I say, making no effort to disengage my dick from her pussy.

“Probably,” she agrees, continuing to lean against the shower wall.

“Lenny!” my niece yells, coming into the bathroom. “Are you going to shower all day?”

“No, I’m almost done,” I answer but she’s already pulling the shower curtain open.

“Sandra!” she screams, “What are you doing in here… well, I can see what you’re doing but…”

“I just thought I should help him clean up…” she smiles as I pull my dick from her soaked pussy, “and then he raped me,” she laughs. My niece rolls her eyes but then immediately refocuses them on flaccid dick.

“You got it up again already?” Folake asks me.

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