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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny: Folake and her naughty friends’ erotic sleepover (Part 19)


“Sure,” Folake says, “No problem.” I take a quick shower. How many showers is that today? I’ve lost count. As I’m drying with towel, I think about it. I took a shower when I got up, after Ruth, again after Sandra and now again after Nkechi. Damn! No wonder I’m exhausted.

“Me too,” Sandra says, approaching me with a smile. “Thanks, Lenny,” she says, kissing me lightly on the lips. “My boyfriend gets nothing until he eats me through an orgasm like that.”

“Tell him I’m sorry to have spoiled things for him,” I smile.

“Do you mind if I stay a little while?” Ruth asks. “My parents are with yours and my siblings won’t be home for a couple of hours.”

“Sure,” Folake says, “No problem.”

I take a quick shower. How many showers is that today? I’ve lost count. As I’m drying with towel, I think about it. I took a shower when I got up, after Ruth, again after Sandra and now again after Nkechi. Damn! No wonder I’m exhausted.

Folake and Ruth are lying on the bed. The other girls are already gone.

“Come here,” Folake pats the bed between her and Ruth. “Let me see your ass.”

“I thought you will never ask,” I tease as I crawl up between them and lie on my stomach.

“It’s not too bad,” Folake says as she leans over and inspects my cheeks. “Want some lotion on it to cool it down?”

“Sure,” I answer, wondering about all the attention from my niece.

“I’m sorry I suggested the spanking,” she says while pouring lotion onto her palm. That explains it; she’s feeling guilty.

“It’s not your fault,” I assure her. “I thought you were kidding, too.”

“Can I help?” Ruth asks from the other side of me.

“Sure,” Folake says.

“You do that cheek.” Folake poured lotion on Ruth’s palm and the two ladies gently massage my ass. My dick stiffens against the bed sheet as these two beauties take their time spreading lotion all over my cheeks.

“You know what that’s doing to me don’t you?” I ask my niece as she squeezes my ass cheek and her hand strays towards my balls.

“I don’t know what you mean,” she says with mock innocence while she’s lightly scraping my balls with her fingernails.

“This!” I say, flipping over and displaying my fully erect dick like a flagpole.

“Oooo,” Ruth says, leaning up on her knees.

“Can I have it?” Without waiting for an answer, she swings her leg over, straddling my hard dick. Gripping it between her fingers, she positions it at the entrance to her recently deflowered pussy and lowers herself down.

Folake is staring in disbelief as my dick glides easily into her tight, but very lubricated hole.

“You were slick enough for that?” Folake asks as she sits fascinated, her face just inches from our fucking.

“I’ve been wet all afternoon,” Ruth says, settling down fully on my dick with her pussy lips squeezing my pubic hair.

“I’ve been hoping for a chance to do this again,” she smiles. “Without the pain.”

Her tight, hot pussy is indeed slick enough for my dick and it conforms tightly to the intruder, sending electrified pulses up and down my throbbing shaft. My hands reflexively go to her tight nipples as she starts to rock her body up and down. Damn! This is the tightest fucking pussy I’ve ever felt. Earlier when I took her virginity, I was too worried about hurting her to fully appreciate the pleasure of it.

I pinched her nipples and stare at the wide-eyed innocence on her face as she starts to ride me. Innocence? Lie! I grab her hips and stop her movements.

“Condom!” I say, looking at Folake.

“I’ll get it,” she answers, rolling off the bed and running down the lobby.

“Thanks,” Ruth blushes. “I forgot.” I lift her off my dick as Folake returns, tearing the package open.

“Not a good thing to forget,” I warned Ruth. She nods sheepishly.

Folake has the package open and smiles at me as she rolls it down my slick pole. Ruth raises her body up and Folake aligns my dick with her glistening pussy lips. She continues holding my dick between her thumb and her finger as Ruth slides down the length.

Folake releases my dick and then looks like she doesn’t know whether to stay or leave. I put my right arm around her and pull her against my side.

“Please stay,” I whisper, running my hand down her back and gently squeezing her ass cheek. She just nods and lays her head in the bend of my arm. Ruth is picking up the rhythm and I use my left hand to again play with her small breasts. While I’m pinching her left nipple, Folake reaches up and does the same to her right one.

“I just don’t want you to remove your other hand,” she says, referring to the one that is fondling her ass. damn! My dick was hard already, wrapped inside Ruth’s tight pussy but watching my niece play with her friend’s nipple sends renewed blood surges straight to it.

“Ohhh! I knew it would feel good but not this good!” Ruth breathes, getting lost in the pleasure as she bounces on my dick and we tease her long, thick nipples. The whole bed is shaking and I don’t know how much longer I’ll hold out. I need to speed up her release.

Sliding my hand down from her breast and across her flat stomach, I find her clitoris with my thumb. Pressing it induces a gasp of pleasure from my wild, young partner.

“OHHHH! GOD!” Ruth screams as my thumb rubs circles over her sensitive love button. thrusting my hips off the bed, I pound my dick into her and tease her clitoris while she rides me like a horse.

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