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Erotica: Sikiratu, my gateman’s daughter (Part 4)



I grab her roughly and then I press her into the mat so that her head is on the ground and her round, pretty ass is presented to me on a platter.

I can see her pussy is swollen with anticipation, creamy juice streaming down her legs. I pull my hijab dress up again before I grab my hardened dick in one hand.

Pleaase Sah. My father would soon come back. This is his mat for prayer, Sah“, Sikiratu cries.

Heedless, I slap her ass once and she shuts that nonsense up. The sun makes my dick shine with her spit, and her ass shines even more. Without regard I shove my dick into her and I hear a pop. She moans loud. I can feel all that thick juice on my dick and I press my eyes shut.


A pussy that doesn’t smell, no scent at all is always the sweetest for me and this is the exact nature of Sikiratu’s pussy. I press her head into the mat with one hand while the other hand has grabbed an ass cheek, pulling. Oh how I fuck her. In and then out, with pace.

Ogaaa…Ogaaa…Ogaaa…“, she whimpers at every stroke. And when these whimpers become too loud I shove my wife’s undies into her mouth. The whimpers come out muffled now.


Her juices are pouring on the prayer mat and now I grab her waist with both hands while I fuck her in broad daylight. Might be that the neighbours on the other side can see me fuck my gate man’s daughter but I don’t give a damn.

Sikiratu starts to meet my thrusts, and she has stopped to whimper or cry. Her pussy is tight and it has gripped my dick so well there is never an instance of it slipping out.

Hmmmm….hmmmmm…..Hmmmm“, she sighs, as she presses back into me. Once more I give her butt a hard slap, and she gives a yelp before pressing her bountiful, well molded bum into me harder. While I pound her good and deep, I grab her neck from behind, choking her so she stops to make all that noise.

My eyes roll into my skull and after about five minutes of hardcore fucking, I release deep and hard into her. When it’s done, I withdraw my wife’s pant from her mouth, I eye Sikiratu with feigned spite, and I hiss long and hard, before I put the underwear in my pocket and walk away.

The next day, I observe Opeyemi getting dressed for work. She sniffs at the same white, lacy underwear before she puts it on. When she is done getting dressed, she kisses me lightly on the cheeks before she steps out.

A few minutes later, I watch from the balcony as Salisu kneels on his prayer mat with his daughter, Sikiratu to pray before she leaves.

I pull my nose and I smile to myself. Interesting.

Written by Dear Mac.

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