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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny: Folake and her naughty friends’ erotic sleepover (Part 8)


“If you say so,” she smiles, clearly anxious for the main event. Her smooth pussy lips are shiny with her leaked juices and I run my fingers up and down the edges coating them with the transparent lubricant. She leans her head back and closes her eyes as I tease her lips open and slip…

“I liked the way you had Nkechi moving around so wildly,” she answers as I run my fingers over her smooth pussy. “But I also liked how long you took with Ruth and how overpowering her orgasm was.”

“Well, let’s see what we can do for you.” I continue trailing my fingers around her bare pussy as I lean in to sample her scent. She’s like a cross between the other two girls. Not quite delicate but not as strong as Nkechi. “You have a very distinct aroma, Sandra. Enticing without being overpowering.”

“If you say so,” she smiles, clearly anxious for the main event. Her smooth pussy lips are shiny with her leaked juices and I run my fingers up and down the edges coating them with the transparent lubricant. She leans her head back and closes her eyes as I tease her lips open and slip a finger inside. Her pussy muscles clamp onto my finger pulsating around it as she rocks her ass against the couch.

“I wish that was your dick,” she says, raising her eyebrows at me. I hear my niece suck in her breath and she looks like she’s ready to speak. I beat her to it.

“I thought you wanted my tongue,” I say, enjoying the banter.

“That too,” she says. “We can start with that.” Hmmm. I bend my head down and attack her pussy in much the same way I did Nkechi. I suck and tease her back to her full arousal level before I push two fingers into her experienced pussy. I pump my fingers in and out as I’m nibbling on her engorged clit, and trying to keep up with her as she bounces her ass all over the chair.

“God! You’re good!” she cries as my teeth gently tease her sensitive love button. She raises her ass off the chair as she screams my name.

“God! Lenny!! Oh yeah!! Oh God!” Her body convulses and she jerks her pussy against my mouth as she twists her body and raises herself up on one arm.

“Ohhhhh! FUUUCK!” She shoots her love juices into my mouth as her body spasms with pleasure. DAMN! I’ve never eaten a woman whose pussy erupted in a volcano like that! I suck and swallow her sourish cream, keeping my mouth locked on her pussy as she settles back down onto the chair.

Just like the other girls, I reach for her breasts as I continue licking her pussy. To my surprise her thin nipples are sticking out and I pinch the sensitive tips, which causes another eruption from her wide-open pussy.

“I forgot to tell you, I’m a squirter,” she says, smiling shyly.

“What’s a squirter,” Ruth asks. I had almost forgotten we had an audience.

“Most girls blown-up extra pussy juice when they cum,” I answer. “Sandra shoots cum almost like when a guy ejaculates.”

“They call it female ejaculation,” Sandra says, still panting. “I looked it up after the first time it happened,” she says with a shrug.

“You could have warned me,” I smile.

“It doesn’t always happen. Only when I’m extremely aroused,” she says, smiling back at me.

“So I passed the audition?” I ask, as I reach for my beer.

“With flying colours,” she answers. “But it’s not a speaking part,” she laughs. “Damn, now I’m the one who has to clean up.” She stands up and heads for the bathroom.

I watch her ass while I take another gulp from my beer. I’m just biding my time, waiting to see what Folake is going to do. I’ve eaten her three friends to orgasm and she has clearly been affected by it all but whether she wants her cousin to eat her pussy is another matter. I admit that at first I thought it was weird but now I’m anxious to taste her hidden charms.

“You’re waiting to see what I’m going to do,” Folake says. Damn, she nailed it.

“You know me too well ,” I answer raising my eyebrows.

“What do you want me to do?” she asks, making eye contact like she’s silently hoping I’ll take the decision away from her. Folake is sitting on the floor with her knees out and her ankles crossed, in what they used to call mallam style. Her glistening pussy is blatantly on display.

“You’re clearly aroused by all of this,” I say, like it just occurred to me. She nods.

“You’ve never had anyone go down on you.” She nods again, maintaining eye contact but not saying anything. “I’ve been fondling you all evening.” She nods again. I shrug as if this is simple enough to understand.

Nkechi and Ruth are watching this interchange but are definitely reluctant to get involved in it. This is between us…family members, deciding whether to cross that line, or maybe whether to cross that line with an audience. Hmmm. Before I can get my mind around that idea, Folake speaks again.

“Do you want to eat me?” she asks. There it is. My decision. Do I want to eat my niece’s pussy? Hell yes! Do I want to eat it in front of her friends? Will it be all over twitter and Facebook in the morning? Doubtful. At least no one is taking any pictures.

“We would be crossing a line,” I respond. She nods again. “Maybe one we shouldn’t cross without some clear headed thought.”

“Are you not clear headed?” she asks, tilting her head to the side in a way that makes me want to kiss her, and not a fraternal kiss.

“Which head?” I laugh, glancing down at my dick, which by the way hasn’t gotten any relief.

“Good point,” she laughs and the spell is broken, she looks away. “You still have to check my pussy though, right?” she asks. “To see if it’s the sexiest.”

“Right,” I answer, moving over on the chair. “Up you go,” I say, patting the chair next to me.

Folake crawls up on the chair just as Sandra returns from the bathroom. “You’re going to let him eat you?” she screams. “That’s awesome!” she moves in close for a good seat.

“My turn to clean up,” I say, getting up from the chair. “I’m just going to compare her pussy to the rest of yours to see whose is the sexiest,” I tell Sandra as I head out of the room. I pause in the entrance to hear her response.

“Really?” she asks, disappointment dripping from the single word. “Folake, you don’t know what you’re missing.” Sandra clearly doesn’t have the same reserve the other girls showed; she’s more than willing to jump into the discussion. “When you do get a guy to go down on you, you’re going to need something to compare it to,” she argues. “Your cousin sets the bar pretty high! You shouldn’t pass this up.”

I continue down the lobby and wash my face and hands. They’re still at it when I return.

“He’s my cousin!” Folake answers, as if that explains it all. “He’ll be here if I need him later.” Okay, I wasn’t expecting that response.

“But why wait?” Sandra asks. Good question.

“Sandra,” I warned her. “It’s her decision, right?” Sandra shakes her head like it’s the stupidest discussion she’s ever heard. I turn my attention to my niece’s pussy. She hasn’t spread her legs as wide as the others did but her pussy is still on full display. And what a damn fine pussy it is.

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