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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The billionaire’s dramatic girlfriend (Part 14)



She shut the door and walked slowly into the room.

For a second, she just stood there in all her slightly-disheveled glory. A few strands of her curly hair had come loose, framing her face in loose, golden brown curls. Her face was slightly pale and her light skin looked pinched.

This was her natural glow, an effect makeup artists all over the world attempted to create, but never quite got as perfect as this. I kid you not. Her parted lips were that only-Becca colour of new dewy pink roses. The fit of her silk dress clung to her curves in a way that broke my heart.

There was nothing overly provocative about the cut of the dress itself, but the shape she gave it, of that lovely, yellowy peach sweet body… I stood up.

Her light brown eyes met mine and I could see the complexity of emotion there, of happiness and frustration, exhaustion and excitement, irritation and love. She let me kiss her on the corner of her mouth, lightly, appropriately for a familiar, observant audience of one. Just that feather-light contact was enough to make me light headed.

The scent of her, the taste, that milk-honey purity that fucking undid me. Every single time.

“We have some things to talk about” She said casually, almost too low for Jayjay to hear, but not quite. He was listening, expecting it. to him she said a sweet:

“Hi Jayjay” She walked over to him and he stood to greet her. she gave him a gentle hug and he returned it, drinking her in and letting her comfort him. she released her hold, delicately before he did.

“Good to see you, beautiful” He said, smiling, giving her the full glow of his bad boy appeal.

Becca blushed “Congratulations, I heard the big news!”

“Thanks Jideofor” She didn’t elaborate and she used his actual name, possibly because of the Adanna elephant in the room but it was cool. We had all night to work through whatever she wanted to work through.

“You know what?” Jayjay said, “I think I should just be going now, some stuff to -”

“You will not” Becca said calmly, brushing off his excuse with a firm, easy dismissal,

“Stay and have dinner with us” She didn’t have to finish her thought:

“We won’t be seeing you for a while. Let’s spend some time together while we have the chance, before you get locked up in these scary Nigerian prisons for God knows how long”

As soon as we were in our room, she put her shoes down and crawled onto the bed, curling up against the pillows. She made no moves to undress but she said

“I should take a shower” I sat next to her, not touching her, not pushing her in any direction she wasn’t able to go. we’d been apart for the whole day for the first time in two months and all the jagged effects of reality, of other people intruding into our world, still held us in its cold grasp. I could feel her warmth from here, calming me.

“Or you could take one in the morning” I suggested calmly. She shrugged a little, lightly petulant.

“I guess…”

I leaned back against the plush pillows, folding my arms. Her bare legs were toned and the shape of them sublime, I just wanted to run my tongue up and all over them. I had never seen or imagined anyone as flawless as Becca, every time I looked at any part of her, I was struck by this, again and again.

“I am sure you must have met Adanna” I said quietly going straight to the point, I was really never one to tarry. Even with Becca.

“Yes.” She said. I normally would have felt irritated by the juvenile game she was playing but I was only too aware of why she was doing it. she really was quite young, turning 24 in months and probably never been in this situation before.

“I dated her for a while before you” I continued.

“Oh?” She said patiently, clearly already aware of this. I was watching her but she was staring straight ahead, at the far window. She was wiggling her toes and I was momentarily fascinated.

Her toenails were painted pink, I even knew what fucking shade if pink they were because I had painted them: cotton candy – she’d been in a better mood that day.

“Actually, she did mention that” She said “Amongst other things”

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