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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny: Lenny and the randy bookstore lady


“Right this way,” I say, leading her across the retail store. “Is there a specific book you’re looking for?” I ask as we walk toward the sexuality section. “No, not a specific book. I just want to look through your selection,” she responds. I’m taking in more of her beauty as we talk. She would…

“Hi, may I help you find something?” I ask as I approach a very beautiful woman looking around the bookshop.

“Yes,” she smiles at me. “I’m looking for books on orgasms.” She says it so straightforwardly that it catches me off guard. Or maybe it’s her intense eyes, deep with an almost eastern look, coupled with her smile that makes me catch my breath.

“Right this way,” I say, leading her across the retail store. “Is there a specific book you’re looking for?” I ask as we walk toward the sexuality section.

“No, not a specific book. I just want to look through your selection,” she responds. I’m taking in more of her beauty as we talk. She would be tall even without her two-inch heels and her pale green blouse beneath a light black business suit perfectly complements her skin.

“There are a lot of books on orgasms. Is there a specific type you wanted?” I ask as we arrive at the sexuality section.

“Funny, I thought they had dispelled that old myth about different types and everyone agrees there’s just the one kind now,” she says.

“Madam, I meant type of book!”

“I knew what you meant,” she says, patting me on the arm, playfully.

“I was just kidding!” Her smile shows beautiful white teeth between her thick, red lips.

“That was good!” I return her wide smile and recover my composure.

“There really are a lot of different types of orgasm books. Here’s one called The Multi-Orgasmic Woman,” I tell her, pulling a book from the shelf.

“That’s okay,” she says with a slight chuckle. “I’m still trying to be the single orgasmic woman.”

“Okay,” I say slowly, wondering if she expects me to comment on that.

“There are different types of books depending on whether it’s for you or your partner,” I explain, noticing her wedding ring for the first time.

“For your partner, I have a popular one called She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman.”

“She comes first, huh? If only,” she says sarcastically. “No, I’m looking more for the, um…. do-it-yourself section.” She laughs nervously.

I pause a minute before continuing. “Well, we have Tickle Your Fancy – A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure. Taking it off the shelf, I show her the front cover. It has a picture of a woman with her eyes closed, head thrown back, apparently in the throes of self-pleasure.

“What a great title,” she says, looking at the book.

“It’s been a long time since my fancy’s been tickled properly.” She’s smiling as she flips the pages.

Not wanting to walk away from this beautiful, sexually forthright woman, I reach for a familiar yellow book and tell her,

“Of course, if you’re really desperate, there’s always Sex For Dummies.”

“Oh great! We just met and already you’re calling me names!” she says flirtatiously. She looks me in the eyes and dips her hip on one side, saying, “you really think you’re going to stand here and help me pick out an orgasm book, don’t you?”

“Um, no. I’m sorry. I was just trying to be helpful.” I’m holding my hands up, palms out and backing away from her.

“You were very helpful, um,” she bends slightly to read my name-tag, “Lenny, but I think I’ll just browse now.”

“Sure. If you don’t find what you need here,” I pause for effect of the sexual ambiguity,

“Just let me know. I’m here for another hour.” She’s smiling and flipping through the book as I walk away.

Wow! In the four years I’ve worked here I’ve never known any customer to be so free-spoken about their sexual needs, let alone books on masturbation! The customers in this section are usually giggly teenagers or tired couples. Neither group asks for help.

I get back to work, arranging books but my eyes keep straying back to her, captivated by her alluring presence. I position myself across the store where I can watch her without being obvious. Her business suit is perfectly tailored; conservative yet cut to show off her curvaceous figure.

Her skirt hugs her ass giving a hint of the firm round globes underneath. Its mid-thigh length shows plenty of her shapely legs tapering into two-inch black heels. I start fantasizing what she’ll look like applying the techniques in that self-pleasuring book.

In my mind I see her lying naked on her back with her knees pulled up, pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her smooth, black bush brushes against her hand as she furiously works her fingers faster and faster trying to achieve that climax. Her other hand is pinching and pulling at her thick black nipples stretching them out from their surrounding dark areolas, making her large, dark breasts appear cone shaped on her heaving chest.

She’s thrusting wildly against her hand, lifting her firm, round ass off the bed. Shifting her hand to her clit, she starts rubbing in a circular motion while still shoving her fingers in and out of her pussy. As hard as she’s trying, she still isn’t quite getting there. I crawl up on the bed, bending my mouth down to her pussy and pushing her fingers aside, I say,

“Here, let me help you with that.”

“Help me with what?” asks Bukki, a recently hired girl with small-sized tits and a hot little ass. Her question breaks me out of my daydreaming and I realize I’ve spoken out loud.

“Uh…with those books,” I say, pointing to the books in her arms and trying to recover quickly.

“Here let me take some.” I glance over at the captivating woman still browsing the sexuality section.

“Sure. Whatever,” she says, handing me half her books but looking at me questioningly.

“Are you okay?” she asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I say, putting my hand in my pocket and trying not to be obvious about adjusting my aroused dick. Bukki and I have hooked up a couple of times since she started working here. She’s been a regular customer for a long time but couldn’t get hired until she moved into town last two months.

“Is that for me?” Bukki asks, looking at the bulge in my trouser. She moves closer angling her body so no one can see what she’s doing and slides her hand over my dick, squeezing it between her fingers.

“Yeah,” I lie.

“I was hoping we could get together after work tonight.”

“Oh, Lenny,” she says.

“I can’t. I’ve got a big interview tomorrow. I need to get home.” She glances around the store and, lowering her voice says, “it’s not busy right now. I can handle it. Why don’t you help me put these books in the back.”

I follow her to the storeroom which is deserted this time of night. She leads me to a secluded spot between two rows of shelving and while unbuckling my belt says,

“I can’t leave you like this. Besides, I owe you after what you did to me Saturday night!” Smiling, she quickly kisses me on the lips, drops to her knees and pulls my trouser and boxers down in one smooth motion.

“You don’t owe me anything,” I say. “I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“Well, I plan on thoroughly enjoying this too,” she says, smiling up at me.

“But the orgasm ratio had to be three to one in my favour.”

Bukki is a young, very enthusiastic lover. She loses herself in complete abandonment during sex, which is part of the reason she came so many times the other night. Now, as she runs her tongue up and down the length of my dick, I close my eyes flashing on her sexy body. She has small firm breasts with puffy areolas and eraser-like nipples.

A dark patch of pubic hair surrounds her tight little pussy and her firm round ass makes you want to cream just looking at it.

I open my eyes just as she slips her mouth over the end of my dick. While caressing my balls with one hand she wraps her other hand around the base of my dick, pumping it in and out of her mouth. She’s creating a steady rhythm with her sucking and using her tongue to lick just under my dick head.

The entire sensation is incredible and I start thrusting my hips forward matching her rhythm while watching the door to make sure we’re not interrupted.

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