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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: The circle of perverts (Part 6)


His wife.. that was the one major problem in his life. Could the blame be laid at her feet though? He knew the truth, it was all him. All his fault, there was no way to deny that. When they had gotten married, it had been nothing but paradise, the money and all the comfort…

Ahmed wiped his forehead and closed his eyes in an attempt to get a little sleep before the plane arrived at its destination. But sleep was just not his friend in these trying times.

Things should not be this difficult in his life, he had a multi billion business empire. He was handsome, had an amazingly beautiful wife.

His wife.. that was the one major problem in his life. Could the blame be laid at her feet though? He knew the truth, it was all him. All his fault, there was no way to deny that. When they had gotten married, it had been nothing but paradise, the money and all the comfort it could provide was more than enough cushion plus their sex life had been lit. Aisha was a nympho and that was one of the reasons Ahmed had fallen in love with her.

He loved that she was a quite liberal with her sex life and taste, added to the fact that she was spontaneous. He could not even try to remember how many times they had had sex or the number of crazy places it had happened but Aisha’s parents’ bed had been used once when they had gone visiting.

Ahmed shook his head remembering just how he had had to choke and gag her as he was fucking her doggy on her parents’ bed.

Then six months into the marriage, things started to go downhill. Started with him being unable to hold an erection during intercourse. At first, Aisha had been understanding thinking it was all down to some mid life crisis or something but then it had gotten worse. To the point that his dick stopped rising to the occasion anymore. It was not long before the foundation of their marriage started to crumble. Aisha stopped making his meals, left that duty to the maid.

She started staying out and returning late nights or not at all. He did not have the grounds to complain particularly with the fact that she covered with everyone whenever they asked why they had no children yet. She was always quick to defend him and say they were simply not ready. In public, she was his warrior but in private she scorched him. He could never understand why she could not just leave. It was definitely not for his money, her family was just as rich and she made quite enough on her own.

Whatever reason it was, he knew it was not going to last. Ahmed sighed and thought about how many times he had tried to tell his friends what was going on but could not just do it. He did not know where to start from or what to even say, the shame would be too much to bear but deep down he knew Olumide would possibly have a solution for him.

He did not tell anyone but had kept his mouth shut, continued to suffer in silence. Till two days ago, it was two days ago…

Right after Aisha had come at him in front of his P.A, he had been so ashamed to walk out of the house but at the end he had made it out. The trip down to his office to pick up some paperwork before heading to the airport had been in silence. His P.A sat in front with the driver and said nothing. Till they had gotten to the office and the driver had gone into the office building to pick up the paperwork. Then his driver had turned to face his boss.

“Sir, I am sorry about this morning” He had started.

Ahmed had opened his mouth to talk but did not know what to say. Was he to scold his P.A and tell him to mind his business or break down and talk to him? He did not know so he just closed his mouth back and listened.

“I really don’t know much about what is going on but if it is what I think it is, there might be a solution”. The statement from his P.A had gotten all of Ahmed’s attention and in no time, he was telling him everything. About how the problem of having an erection that can lead to the collapse of his marriage. All through his tale, his P.A had just nodded with no words of comfort said.

At the end, Ahmed had looked up at his P.A who by now had a smile on his face.

“Sir, you would have to postpone this trip” Was the next thing he had said.

“Why?” Ahmed did not understand.

Then his P.A had told him about a man in Makurdi who could help him within a few hours and with some herbal treatments. His case was not critical, his P.A had assured him. And it was going to cost him just a few thousand naira. Ahmed did not believe a word his P.A had said till he had told Ahmed that if the treatment did not work, he should be fired with no pay off.

Ahmed had taken a few minutes to think about it. At the end, he had reasoned that what was the worst possible outcome. He had asked the driver to drive them to the airport and rather than heading to abuja, he had gotten his P.A to book them a flight to Makurdi, Benue state.

That was two days ago. He had spent a whole day in a hut in some remote village on the south bank of the river benue. An old man had tended to him, telling him it was nothing. After giving him several herbal concoctions to drink and two bottles to take home to be used for the next few days, the old man had told him he was back to normal.

Ahmed still was skeptical but with a good heart, he had given the man double the fee he asked for.

Now he just needed to put himself to test and he knew for sure he was not going to have that with Aisha. There was only one thing left to do.

As the plane touched down, Ahmed asked to be driven to Olumide’s house. His friend always had lots of loose ladies around him.

Olumide would help.

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