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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny: Lenny and the randy bookstore lady (Part 11)



“They’re sensitive right now, Lenny,” She says, picking up her speed, riding me harder and faster. I’m bouncing wildly on the bed, thrusting my dick up into her while she bounces up and down, rolling her clit against me and holding her breasts with her hands to keep them from slapping against her chest.

I slide my hand between her legs and help her along by massaging her clit with my thumb. She rides me into a deeply intense orgasm that has her moaning and screaming my name.

“Lenny! Oh! Lenny!” she yells, riding out wave after wave of pleasure until she collapses on my chest just as I shoot my load inside her pussy. I love the feel of her hard nipples pushing into my chest, as we lay there until our breathing returns to normal.

“Give me a minute to catch my breath and I’ll clean you up,” She says, kissing me. A few minutes later she comes out of my bathroom with a wet towel.

“This probably isn’t what you thought when I said I will clean you up,” She chuckles,

“But I never really liked the taste of my own juice.” She sits on the bed beside me and gently lays the hot towel across my dick. It feels nice as she wraps my dick and balls in the steamy cloth, massaging away all traces of her juice. I spread my legs as she runs the towel over my thighs and lift my knees so she can get the juice that ran down to my ass.

Tossing the towel on the floor, she kneels between my knees and lightly licks the length of my dick. Her breasts hang low on either side of my dick and with her hard nipples brushing against my thighs, she coats my dick with her saliva. She makes eye contact as she slips my semi-erect dick between her lips and gently sucks me completely inside her mouth.

Her mouth is wet and warm, and with the sight of my dick disappearing between her lips and her tongue darting all over my dick, I recover quickly.

As my dick hardens within her mouth, she slowly pulls back and moves her lips up and down the entire length of my shaft. I’m getting as turned on from watching her as I am from the sensations of her lips and tongue caressing my dick.

When I’m fully erect, she pulls her mouth off of me and positions my dick between her breasts, rubbing them up and down my shaft. Wet from her saliva, my dick glides easily between her tits and I marvel at this new sensation.

I’ve never fucked breast before and I’m thinking how great it is, when she leans her head down and sucks the head of my dick into her mouth while continuing to slide her breasts down my slippery dick. I’m pushing up against her now, sliding my dick between her breasts and into her mouth.

“That is so awesome!” I shout.

“I’ve never felt anything like it.” I’m starting to bounce my ass off the bed trying to get more of my dick in her mouth, but she keeps her breasts tightly wrapped around it, leaving only the head exposed to enter her mouth each time I push up. She’s driving me crazy, not letting any more than the head into her mouth.

As erotic as it is watching my dick slide between her massive breasts, and as great as it feels, it’s not even close to the feel of her warm, wet mouth and I want more of my dick in there.

She knows how to tease, and my dick just keeps getting harder and harder, gliding between her breasts. Finally, she pushes her body up until just her nipples are resting on my thighs and her mouth is still wrapped around the head of my dick.

She lifts her head and slides back, pulling my dick with her. When my dick is pointing directly at the ceiling, she slides her lips all the way to the base and buries the head in her throat.

She holds it there, not moving, and then slowly slides her lips up the entire length while pulling my dick back towards my feet. When she lays her chin on the bed between my legs, with just a little more than the head inside her mouth, my dick is stretched all the way down pointing at my feet.

She lies there, looking at me, her eyes sparkling as she flicks the underside of my dick with her tongue and sucks on the head.

“Oh my God, Amaka!” I yell, panting and trying to hump my dick deeper into her mouth but can’t move it from this position.

“That feels so good! You are amazing!” I just lie there enjoying the sensation of my dick stretched all the way down between my legs and her tongue and mouth dancing around my dick head, when she slides her hand up and starts gently stroking my balls.

My dick is so hard but there is no way to get the motion going that will give me release. She just keeps teasing and teasing and teasing. I keep trying to hump her mouth but it’s futile. Finally, she lifts her chin from the bed, allowing my dick to move into an upright position and she again slides her lips up and down my shaft.

I thrust my dick into her mouth while she continues to stroke my balls and move her head up and down. In no time at all, I’m jerking wildly and shooting thick streams of cum into her mouth. She swallows every drop and keeps sucking until I’m completely tired. She engulfs my softening dick entirely in her mouth and just holds it there with a subtle sucking motion while I lie back on the bed completely drained. Pushing my dick around her mouth with her tongue, she lazily cleans me up with her saliva.

“Amaka! I came harder than I’ve ever come before. You have just ruined me for anyone else in the entire world!” I tell her, meaning it.

She asks, moving her body over mine and laying her head on my sweat-soaked chest. “Shall I just keep you for myself then?”

“You decide, Amaka.” I say, stroking her hair. “You’re in control, remember.”

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