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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: Dangerous Addiction (Episode 47)


“More!” I almost screamed out loud and he continued with such ferocity, he had never fucked me like this, always choosing to be gentle with me, I loved that but I love this so much now. I looked into the mirror, looking at myself as I came undone, minute after delicious minute. I wore a…

“Yess!! Oh! Fuck!! Yes!!” I moaned as he ravaged my pussy without mercy. He pulled up all the fabric so that he could gain access to my ass where he slapped hard as he thrusted deeply into me. Hitting my pelvis each time.

“More!” I almost screamed out loud and he continued with such ferocity, he had never fucked me like this, always choosing to be gentle with me, I loved that but I love this so much now. I looked into the mirror, looking at myself as I came undone, minute after delicious minute. I wore a strapless gown and so I pulled my breasts out of their hold and squeezed on them.

Holding my nipples each between my thumbs and forefingers my eyes rolling to the back of my head as a result of the immense pleasure I was feeling.

“You like that baby, don’t you?” he growled

“Oh God, yessss!!!” I hissed in return, I felt myself reaching the peak of pleasure, going to far heights and then I felt the crash coming and I wanted to scream my satisfaction out loud but that would be a terrible idea in the long run.

I came, crashing down to earth, my pussy feeling so utterly used, but he kept going, smashing in and out, pulling out for just a moment before ramming back in without warning making my mouth fall agape in pleasurable surprise. He pumped faster than I had ever seen him before he released his load in me, slowing down before he came to a stop, he stayed inside me for a bit perhaps to catch his breath before pulling it out.

“That was different” he said pushing his cock back into his trousers. I stood up to adjust myself as well

“Good different?” I said uncertain what he meant, he shrugged then seeing my alarmed face he said

“Of course” we were just setting ourselves right when the door burst open and Ifueko rushed in looking resplendent in the deep purple gown she had chosen for herself. It was a long gown and I was happy she agreed, she had beautiful legs and she always wanted them shown off but today is my day. I don’t know why she hated long dresses, she looked stunning!

“Can’t you keep it in your pants for a few hours?” she said to Derah giving him a disgusted look. He stood up straight, gave her a pointed look and without saying anything he left. What had happened to my sweet Derah?

“You guys sha” Ifueko said shutting the door while shaking her head.

“That was uncalled for” I muttered, she didn’t respond instead she arched a brow at me as if to say ‘cone again’ it was a challenge and I wasn’t in the mood to get in between Ifueko and Derah’s apparent hatred for each other.

“I was asked to fetch you, your dad is waiting at the foot of the aisle to walk you down” she said pulling down my dress a bit to show more cleavage. When she was satisfied she leaned in and placed a kiss on my lips.

“Of course we are ready when you are, if you aren’t just say the word and I will have everyone out of here” She said against my lips. I chuckled and opened my mouth to kiss her, it was a simple kiss but it still stirred my loins but I guess now was not the time.

“I’m ready Ifueko” I said as I moved back from her and looked at my reflection one last time. She handed me the lipstick to re-apply and then I was completely ready. It was time to marry Derah in front of those who couldn’t make it the first time.

The garden had been set up beautifully, it brought me close to tears, how everyone had rallied around to make this day extra special. I wondered whether it would have all happened this way if Derah and I had waited and if he had properly sought my dad’s permission to marry me.

He had just said his vows when I heard a slight commotion from the audience and people started scrambling about. I peered and I could not believe my eyes, a tall shapely woman walked towards us with long flowing red hair, attached to the front of her was something that looked like a bomb. This was the lady that was at my room at the hospital. This was who was trying to kill me?

The guards were on hand but couldn’t come near her because she had her thumb dangerously close to the button that would set the whole thing off and kill every single one of us. How had they let this happen??!! I heard an audible gasp from Derah and Ogo as they seemed to recognize who it was, who was she? My eyes widened when I saw my brother Ikedichi edge closer to her, my dad stood up and tried to block his path but he walked round him towards the crying woman who had been mumbling something as she came near.

Some other people seemed to recognize her as well and there were audible whispers passing through the crowd. I felt faint and my hands slipped from Derah’s.

“What the fuck is this?!” I heard Ogo say in Derah’s ear

“Did you know she was alive?” he said. Alive? I looked closely at this woman as she came closer only to find that I knew her too! It was Edidiong!! Ikedichi and Derah’s ex-girlfriend, the one who was supposed to have committed suicide. SHE had been trying to kill me? SHE had been the one trying to get Derah not to marry me? SHE had been the one that had attacked Tomisin 6 years ago?

Ikedichi edged close to her, I could see he was numb, he had believed her to be dead as well. His hands were held up in surrender as he moved closer to her.

“Ed, please. Let us talk about this” he began

“How are you alive?” he said, the shock in his voice remained. Derah and Ogo stood in front of me as if to shield me but I wasn’t having it.

“I never died” she said, her voice had changed, it was cold and murderous and she still had her eyes trained on me, tears falling freely on her forehead.

“Someone grab that girl!” I heard Derah’s dad say but that only made her angrier and her thumb moved closer to the button. The audience gasped

“No no no no no!” Ikedichi said cajoling her, his voice had changed to that sweet oily voice he used when he needed something desperately from someone.

“I did everything and he is still marrying her” Edidiong said

“He loves her” was all my brother said and he sounded like he didn’t believe it himself. She growled and brought out a gun with her other hand and trained it at Ikedichi.

“Whoa there!” he chuckled his hand still up in surrender “You would never shoot me” he said but his voice didn’t hold the confidence, her finger was on the trigger all she had to do was pull. People were getting up to leave quietly

“Nobody fucking move!!” she shouted “or I will blow us all up just for the fun of it!!” she said, evil dancing in her eyes. How had she gotten this way, what had Derah done to her?

She turned her attention to where we stood and her eyes fell on Derah’s.

“You ruined my life!” she bellowed at him, tears still falling.

“I have been living and hiding in secret, barely able to make ends meet. You promised me the world and the minute I got pregnant, you left!! Saying you weren’t ready to be married, only for you to turn up a year later with a fiance and a baby!” she shouted. I turned to look at Derah, his face was impassive, it showed no emotion.

“We can work this out” he said to her in a tone that I didn’t recognize. She laughed a mirthless laugh that chilled me to my bones.

“I am afraid that is too late” Edidiong said

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