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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: Dangerous Addiction (Finale)


The whole mess was on every news channel in existence and I cringed whenever I had to go out. I quit my job and stayed at Ogo’s most times or at my parent’s or in Abuja with my sister if I felt suffocated by the former. Ogo gave me my space but sometimes he would…

“Take me, with all that you have. Do not have mercy!” I pleaded with him.

“I can’t, I will hurt you, you have been through enough” Ogo said calmly.

By that he meant all the events of the past year and my wedding day. I was in the process of annulment from marriage to Derah, it was a mistake to begin with and my stubbornness had quelled after what I had witnessed and been a part of. Edidiong was standing trial but my dad was screaming bloody murder that she must be hanged.

The whole mess was on every news channel in existence and I cringed whenever I had to go out. I quit my job and stayed at Ogo’s most times or at my parent’s or in Abuja with my sister if I felt suffocated by the former. Ogo gave me my space but sometimes he would ignore me altogether and such times I would petulantly sulk and move to my parent’s, they welcomed me every time but still treated me like a very fragile piece of glass.

Ifeyinwa was trying to get me a job in Abuja saying I needed to get away from Lagos for a while altogether. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else so I didn’t show any keenness on the offer.

“Make this right for me, brutalise me. I need it” I begged. Why did I want him to tear me apart? I wanted to feel physical pain that I had already felt but this time I wanted to frigging enjoy it and Ogo knew exactly what to do, problem was he was reluctant and it was beginning to piss me off.

“We haven’t had sex since before the wedding you know” Ogo winced, why I didn’t know. We had been living together since then, he sold my house for me and I spent time with either him or Ifeuko, there were no talks as to where our relationship was headed but he had hardly been around for us to have the conversation.

Between Edidiong’s trial, his business and clearing up the scandal and suing online blogs, he had a lot on his plate. He and Derah hadn’t seen or spoken either, Derah communicated with him through his mum and I knew it was eaten him up every day. He looked at me then in a flash grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet. I pushed myself back against the bad until I was at the edge. I was crying out from the pain now. He stripped with one hand then pushed his body between my thighs and pulled my hand away from the hand that pulled my hair. he forced my mouth to his and kissed me hard and deep.

He pushed me back then climbed on so that I lay beneath him. I wrapped my legs around him eagerly and he thrust into my wetness hard and fast, driving fully within me. I cried out breaking my mouth from his, my nails digging into his back as he found a rhythm each time driving harder into me than before. His cock felt like it was swelling to an unbelievably large size as he pounded my tight flesh.

He held on to my naked breasts hard and I clung to him and cried into his neck as the pain far outweighed the pleasure but this is what I wanted. He slowed and pulled away to look at me, his eyes the darkest I had ever seen them – so full of dangerous lust and something else that kept pushing its way forward.

“I love you Ogo, though I hate myself for it” I said

He put his head on my chest hearing the truth in my words.

“Your eyes really are the most beautiful when you cry, Little Witch” he murmured into my chest. He grew larger and solid inside me or was it my imagination. He kissed both breasts, lingering for minutes on each one driving me insane then he bit, pulled with his teeth causing me to cry out in pain. His dick still inside me, him thrusting harder. I could see the danger in his eyes as he looked up at me. I wanted brutal but I didn’t want the violence I know he was capable of.

“Ogo, no!” I screamed as he pinned my wrists above my head grinding my bones as he lost himself in suppressed anger, lost himself to the beast in him, taking it out on my body. My distress drove him harder, he had a glint in his eye as he fucked me with reckless abandon, where he got his energy from I never understood. I came in a whirlwind but he kept going, hard, fast and like I earlier asked, with no mercy.

He drove faster and faster without even looking at me, groaning low with pleasure as went along, I was cumming again and my moans matched his as we both crashed down hard at the same time.

He collapsed on top of me, sweating profusely on top of my equally sweaty body. I struggled to catch my breath as he got up of me slowly and rolled to the side dragging me on top of him. he looked deeply into my eyes and brought my head down to his where he kissed me slowly and lazily, our tongues playing with each other, his hands cupping and caressing my ass. Lazily tracing his finger up and down my butt crack. He stopped at my butt hole and inserted one finger into it and pulled out and entered again, I moaned at the sheer pleasure of it, he released my lips and looked at me again.

“I love you too Little witch and I do not hate myself for it” he drawled his voice raw with sexual need. I smiled at him, finally hearing those words was music to my ears. It made everything I had gone through this past year just a little worth it.

“Now turn around babe, I want to see if my giant little me can fit in you ass hole” he said and I obliged straight away looking forward to the incredible pain but the equally as incredible pleasure that would follow.

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