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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The billionaire’s dramatic girlfriend (Part 13)



“if it’s too soon for her” I began carefully

“We’ll wait. Until you get out”

“Don’t wait, just on my account” Jayjay said

“You two go ahead and get started with your life together. Don’t let me hold you up”

Fuck it!! it wasn’t fair, that even all the money in the world couldn’t save my brother. He just about broke my black heart sometimes.

“Well, that’s too fucking bad because I am not getting married without a best man. We can wait, Becca may prefer it anyway”

“So, what about Adanna? Does she know about the turn of events? What happens to the twins now?” He said matter-of-factly. Asking the same questions that I had been trying to answer to myself.

Those beauties weren’t mine but they were as good as, as for their conniving mother – I couldn’t help a heavy sigh escaping.

“Yeah Adanna is history but I have a feeling the ugly topic would have reared its head today. I asked Halimah to show Becca around, I have no doubt that Halimah was on the phone to Adanna while I spoke in the boardroom this morning. Whatever was between me and Adanna was over the moment Becca walked into that job interview”

Jayjay laughed lightly

“What about the twins?” He asked again

“And why didn’t you get someone else to show her around?”He was at the topic of the twins again and I wasn’t ready to address it.

“Because if it wasn’t Halimah, Juwon would have been the only other available one to do so” Jayjay contemplated me, raising a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

“You are a fucking idiot and too jealous for your own good” He said finally punching me lightly in the shoulder

“You’ve never been jealous before. Even with Adanna and I know you felt strongly for her” He smiled a little but didn’t probe further, he had an uncanny knack for respecting emotional boundaries, even if he actively sought to break every legal and professional boundary there was to break.

“Hey, at least she said yes. It’s pretty obvious she loves you. No one can blame you for how things turned out” He said.

“No. but I probably should have ended that relationship before I started up the next one” I murmured

Jayjay let out a slow chuckle “shit” was all he managed once he was done laughing. I got up then, I had to find Becca, if she already knew I needed to damage control before she decided to pack her bags and leave my sorry ass.

I didn’t say a word to him as I exited and he followed behind me, I wasn’t fully prepared for the sight outside my door. Half my staff were gathered around what looked like a tall, willowy beauty who carried a toddler in her arms. My heart wrenched and ached at the same time, two people I had missed so much and one particular person I hadn’t been looking forward to seeing.

“Daddyyyyy!!!!!!!” I heard the boy Anthony scream when he saw me. He was being carried by Juwon, he stretched his arms out to me and I took him from those arms as quickly as I could wanting so much to bury my nose in his baby-sweet scent. I hugged him close to me, my heart soaring with all kinds of emotion.

Everything lost to me, the girl Andrea tried to get my attention and I gave it to her, carrying her too and balancing the both of them securely on me. The smile on Adanna’s face was forced and I knew she knew. I sighed inwardly and looked at her pleadingly not to make a scene, she didn’t flinch in acknowledgement she just continued to stare at me.

I looked around for Becca and there was no sign of her anywhere.

“My office please” I said sweetly planting kisses on Anthony and Andrea’s faces each making them giggles with joy.

It felt empty without her presence. I’d become used to having Becca with me and now that the stress of the day had dissipated into the background something else had come up – Adanna had revealed to me that Andrea had needed a blood transfusion and Adanna had needed my blood.

I asked her why she would need my blood if the babies weren’t mine, she was shocked as to why I would say that and I brought out a filed copy of the DNA test Jayjay had done.

She was devastated and had begun to cry, she had a feeling this would come up one day and so she brought out a laminated copy of the babies’ DNA test that proved they were mine – it was dated back to the month after they were born. I remember we went for a blood test that day.

So Adanna hadn’t lied to me? She was furious that all this time I had thought she had deceived me using the kids and of course the both of us were even more angry at Jayjay for being the reason for the break up to which he owned up saying he didn’t do a proper check, he just took a hair from my comb and took it in.

Now that he thought about it, he wasn’t completely sure if the hair was his to which Adanna broke down in tears, I for her but sadly I didn’t feel anything for her anymore.

Now that I knew the babies were mine she was threatening to take them away from me if I didn’t come back to her.

Becca’s absence from the house was distractingly huge. I missed the softness if her, the scent of her skin. The silky honey glow of her eyes and the pink pout of her lips. but it probably wasn’t a good thing she wasn’t here now. I had a feeling she would be angry with me for not telling her about Adanna but now things were even more complicated.

It was taking the strength of ten thousand raging angels to keep me calm. It was best if Jayjay and I could spend time together without any feminine frostiness and I without losing my temper. What was done is done, I didn’t crosscheck the test when it came, it also didn’t help that I had already met Becca at the time and wasn’t thinking straight.

Then, I heard the slide of a key in the front door unlock and I felt a surge of relief. She was back home. My Adaure was back. I had already come to terms with the mush I had become over this girl. My honey girl. My wife-to-be. It had always seemed like a dirty word before: wife.

Many girls had stalked me before, turned up at my favourite spots, sent me marriage proposals and gifts and nudes of all kinds.

Even when I was with Adanna it still didn’t seem right, I had proposed because I had fallen in love with those Kids but a part of me still felt she let herself get pregnant to keep me but then she would have succeeded if Becca hadn’t come in and changed all of that, deep down I didn’t really want to marry Adanna but the moment I saw Becca I knew, omo! I just knew, don’t ask me how because I don’t know.

Now it was me who did the stalking, it was me who couldn’t get enough. It was me who begged and pleaded and craved more.

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