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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The billionaire’s dramatic girlfriend (Part 2)


He’d stay inside me, we might sleep a little more but this time when he woke me, I might feel him at my breast, suckling lazily, feeding on me like I was offering him some kind of spiritual sustenance that was drugging to him. when we were fully sated, we’d get up and shower together….

Making me sigh in my native language – Igbo – praising Chukwu no n’eligwe (God in Heaven) for cancelling the other interview I had that morning and making sure I met Alexander.

He’d stay inside me, we might sleep a little more but this time when he woke me, I might feel him at my breast, suckling lazily, feeding on me like I was offering him some kind of spiritual sustenance that was drugging to him. when we were fully sated, we’d get up and shower together. He would wash me and I would wash him, my careful fingers soaping him everywhere then we would make love again.

Because we just couldn’t get enough, our hunger for each other was relentless. Eventually, we’d venture out into the day, eat at a nice restaurant, he would never agree to go swimming in a public place so we’d walk a little or take a long drive where he would drive himself.

He would buy me something he would see me give a small glance at even if I just appreciated it but didn’t want it, we would visit a friend or family member at their office or home and then the two of us would return and make love, starved all over again.

Not today. Today we’d be working.

I dressed in one of the many outfits he’d bought me and complemented it with the new gold hoops and bracelet. I wondered how Alexander’s staff would take this new development: that his new assistant was also his new fiance. I suspected all along that many of the woman would hate me that was for sure, claiming that I used my body and feminine wiles to get straight to the top without slumming out with the rest of them at the lower levels first. But no one knows the story.

When I walked back into the room fully dressed and made up his eyes were open, he rolled onto his back and slung one arm behind his head. The way he moved was so utterly self-assured. So purely Alexander DAMN!

His body was unreal, big and light caramel and fully aroused.

“Becca” was all he said, my name rolling sweetly over his tongue, his lazy, sexy, charisma hitting me where it always did – in the most intimate place imaginable. That sleep roughened edge to his voice reminded me of his rasped growls and his lust – driven oaths… when he was inside me, groaning my name as we climaxed together, my body spasming around the hard, beautiful bulk of him.

“Come here” he patted the bed. I went to him and sat down, his fingers entwined with mine and he played idly with my ring, looking into my eyes.

“Let’s get married soon. I don’t want to wait” the combination of of his sincerity and his staunch manliness was riveting to me, almost unbearably alluring.

“Something small. At one of my houses. Whichever one you want, at the hotel in Abuja or on a private beach or island somewhere? I think you’d like that” He said almost pleading.

“That all sounds very nice” I’d never travelled outside of the country, it would be nice to.

“or we could do it here in my bedroom…no, our bedroom. If you want” He said cheekily

I really don’t mind where I marry you, Alexander as long as I do” I say. His slow, radiant smile just about killed me. “You weren’t here in my bed with me, where I need you” he accused gently, that all-male alpha glint touching his expression.

“You’re dressed” He added, sulky with observation. Hian! This man!! I place a delicate smile on my lips instead.

“I’m getting ready since I start work with you today, remember?” a smile played at the corner of his mouth. Of course he remembered. He was amused by how eager I was. I was eager, in my former life it would’ve seemed too good to be true.

I wouldn’t just be working as an underling at Regal, which was the most glamourous magazine in publication, that rare combination of stylish and acclaimed, whose editors-at-large included prize-winning journalists, supermodels, film directors, bestselling local and international authors, celebrity chefs just to name a few.

I wouldn’t be answering phones and typing memos I would be meeting these people. I’d been fantasizing about jobs like this one all through the long days and nights of my gloomy adolescence and the long-grueling slog of my private school education.

This was no longer my former life, this was my new, Alexander changed my life and today was the day I got to use all of that. With him.

The job itself didn’t make me nervous in the slightest, the only thing that made me nervous was Alexander, doing a good job but the also the intensity of our attraction would mesh amongst the cubicles – not that Alexander ever got near a cubicle, but still. It would be weird, after our orgasmic sexathon over the past month to return to normalcy.

To refrain, to have to wait. To be near him but not allowed to touch.

“There’s no rush” He said strong his palm slowly up my arm

“The meeting is not until nine, our commute is exactly 15 minutes on fit and 5 minutes on wheels”

“I know, but it’s already almost 7:30. I think we should get started, do I look alright?” His dark eyes appraised my face, the flattering fit of my stylish new clothes. The smoldering glimmer of his hungry gaze made my stomach flutter. Slowly, he shook his head.

“No?” I touched my hair

“You don’t look ‘alright’. You look so fucking gorgeous it hurts. Right here” He said placing my hand in his on his heart. I smile, leaning to hold his hand and kiss his broad chest, as though to ease the pain.

“And here” he smirked, his eye heavy-lidded. His hand slid to his massive, engorged erection. His phone rang, cutting through the quiet, intimate privacy and the sparked anticipation.

On any other day, he would have ignored the call and I would have onto him and kissed him everywhere, taking him into my mouth and letting the world fade away. Today he’d be committed to meetings and attending to overdue issues with his companies.

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