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50 Shades Freed: 5 great sex positions from the Christian Grey & Ana Steele movie



By now, you must have heard about the Fifty shades of Grey movie. It made a lot of headlines around the world as a book, it was described as an international phenomenon. Because of how big it became, a movie adaptation was born.

This book and movie is responsible for bringing more people into the these days, we’re indeed thankful to Christian Grey, the billionaire stalker and his not so innocent girlfriend, Anastasia ‘Ana’ Steele.

In the spirit of the third movie in the franchise, here are five BDSM sex position that you may find interesting, reported by Ali Drucker, Cosmopolitan

1. The Couch Grouch

The couch Crouch sex position

One of the most interesting sex positions in this installation of the movie. It involves bondage. In the movie, Christian ties her up using bathrobe ties, you can make do with whatever you have but be gentle. According to the picture above, tie the lady’s knees to the arms of the couch. In this position, her legs are spread wide apart. She can put on a show, touching and massaging the clitoris, the partner watches until she commands him to come over and . She is dominating him in this position.

2. Plug Playtime

Plug Playtime Sex Position

This is a chance to try butt plug and here is how it plays out in this position. If you’ve got a plug, pick out one that has a flared base then take a doggy style position, then the guy inserts the plug slowly while the guy also tries to penetrate the vagina as well, double penetration, to heighten the pleasure, the guy can use his hands around her clitoris to gently rub it. Don’t forget the lube.

3. Chain of fools

Chain of Fools

This is another chance at bondage, this was used by Christian and Ana during their honeymoon. If you’ve got handcuffs, then you’re ready. So, here is how she is tied up, cuff the left ankle to the left hand, and do the same on the right ankle and left ankle. This will leave her curled up, where you can penetrate her in between her thighs. It’s bound to be painful but also pleasurable.

4. Wand Magic

Wand Magic sex position

So, you’re wondering if this is something from Harry Potter? No, this is a sex toy inspired sex position. It makes use of a wand-styled vibrator, Christian uses this to torment Ana. It works in reverse, instead of leading her to orgasm, this is preventing her from orgasm. This toy helps move her towards orgasm then draws her back, the ultimate toying toy. Keep eye contact while you torment each other.

5. Nip slip

Nip Slip sex position

This position is grasping at the thought of nipple-only orgasm. It may be fictional until it is achieved. In the movie Ana is someone who gets aroused almost by anything even a little nipple graze. To find out if you’ve got what it takes to do this. The lady straddles the guy, with the breasts on level with the guy’s mouth where he does everything to the lady’s pleasure that can range from touching, sucking, licking, squeezing and all sort.

If there is a particular one she likes, the guy can keep being persistent on that, and she can be get that nipple orgasm.

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