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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The billionaire’s dramatic girlfriend (Part 3)


I walked up and let him have his privacy as it seemed urgent – the “I’ll be right there” that followed tugged at my heartstrings a little, I had actually gotten in the mood for a little sexy breakfast.

There was an investigation going on in the business his brother, best friend and partner JayJay was in charge of that was getting a lot of unwanted attention.

Alexander had taken more time off in the past month than in the whole of his business career and his minions were getting impatient. 7:30 on a Monday was late enough to disturb him. he sighed longingly at me then picked up his phone and answered gruffly.

I walked up and let him have his privacy as it seemed urgent – the “I’ll be right there” that followed tugged at my heartstrings a little, I had actually gotten in the mood for a little sexy breakfast.

I was putting on some lipstick when he came up behind me, sliding his steel-strong arms around my waist and nipping at my neck. alexander had such complete erotic power over me that his lusty possessive bite was enough to rock me to my core. His huge, hard shaft pressed strongly against the rounded curve of my ass, but his touch was gentle and his words were tender as he nuzzled my neck, biting softly like he was marking me as his own.

“I want to take you right here, tear off those offending clothes” he growled.

“but you just got these” I murmured smiling at his poking arousal.

“So? I will buy you new ones” he murmured sweetly, I spied the time. It was a little past 8 and I knew how he hated to be late.

“Behave Alexander. Now look at the time?” I said even though I wanted it, oh yes, I wanted the feel of his hard cock rocking my walls and shattering me again and again! He sighed, defeated

“Are you nervous?” he said still behind me, trying his best not to rip up my clothes.

“About the job? No, I am excited. I feel ready”

“You are ready” He cajoled

“You’ll do great my Adaure and I will be right there to watch you”. I turned to face him, as always, the stunning vision of him made my chest feel heavy with happiness. God, I craved this man!

At first it had shocked me that I could fall this hard and this fast for someone I barely knew. Then again, by the time I had even been able to question my chemical reaction to Alexander, I’d already had hot, unprotected sex with him twice. Questioning my sanity after he’d repeatedly spent himself inside me had seemed a little ridiculous.

If my mum were here she would have given me her back hand and gone on a tirade about how we children of nowadays are “spoilt and immoral”.

It had been crazy. Wild and unstoppable in a way that broke every rule and boundary. He was the one, I’d known it all along, from that very first moment.

“Whenever I need you?” I repeated, laughing as his strong, warm hand curled around the nape of my neck. his hard cock slid against my stomach and I could feel the heat of desire through the thin silk layer of my clothing again. He chuckled, nipping the soft hollow below my ear with his teeth. he understood, our attraction from the word go was… intense.

“You’ll have to try to resist me for five minutes”

“I can’t resist you, you know that” I sighed

“We’re just not used to exercising control when it comes to each other” He said

“Everything will be fine. You’ll see once we get started” I place my palm against his chest and I could feel his heartbeat. Sure, we could, we could behave like rational, professional adults. We could control our urges and subdue our overindulged libidos when we needed to.

“You will be perfect” He continued, kissing me lightly.

“I will be the pinnacle of discipline and self-control as I have always been before you showed up. and even when you, my Becca, my damn weakness walks into the room or out of it – I’ll make every attempt not to change into a raving psychopathic lunatic”

Alexander had a few control issues. He had a problem letting me out of his sight: it made him a little manic. We were working on it. his smile was half-apologetic at the reference to his most recent fuck-up, when he locked me in his bedroom, triggering my total meltdown as I get extremely claustrophobic at times.

I have been trying to forgive him for that. he held my face in his hands

“I’m going to try to behave like a reasonable, normal human being. As you know, that doesn’t come particularly easy for me when it comes to you” He was half joking, but then his face turned more serious.

“You know I’d do anything for you, don’t you, honey girl? You know none of it mean anything to me anymore without you” He kissed me again, just a brush of his lips against mine

“I love you”.

“I love you more” I said looking up at him, beaming. This was my Alexander, this warm, compassionate lover, devoid of the ruthless authority that was so much a part of his CEO persona. This was the part of himself he reserved just for me and it tickled my fucking loins daily.

“I’m afraid that’s not possible” He murmured, I kissed his lips, touching my tongue to his. The kiss deepened as his mouth roughly took mine, his tongue exploring as I allowed him anything he wanted of me with teasing, adoring invitation. My body and soul opened to Alexander, as always, with an almost worshipful intent. If I was his weakness, his achilles heel, he was my superpower. With him I felt safe, with him inside me, I felt invincible.

I gently sucked his tongue into my mouth, craving him with a quiet savage intensity.

His phone rang again. he swore under his breath and pulled back a little.

“Bia, nwokem answer your phone already” I teased. He smiled, he was considering not answering it, his own wicked, beautiful craving burning in the dark light of his eyes. By now I knew that Alexander might have let his entire empire crumble if I asked him to “Go” I urged pushing him away a little.

He disengaged reluctantly and walked over to pick up his phone from the bedside table, his colossal arousal was rigid and hot-looking, his body as ripped and perfect as a genius’s sculpture come to life. I wish I could feast on him, I felt that now familiar, decadent longing to put my mouth on him, to suck on all that throbbing beauty, to drink him in greedy mouthfuls.

It seemed such a shame not to indulge in his magnificence, but it was clear enough we would have to take care of business before our pleasure could be attended to.

“It’s JayJay, seems urgent” he said. “I might have to lock my brother up before this day is over” he added solemnly, I nodded.

“I will go there and wait for you then” I said. He took a long look at me, then sighed lightly and nodded. It was surprisingly difficult already, these interruptions. These small separations.

“This might take some time Nne.” He said

“You’ve got the key” He added. Yes, I have the key, to get in and get out. to never get locked in again. I almost wished he would lock me up right now so I could have him all to myself.

“You’ve got a hot date tonight, by the way” He smiled mischievously “be ready for me”

“I’m always ready for you” I answered coyly. His eyes narrowed with such smoldering lust I thought he might lunge at me, but his phone was still ringing. He answered it with a pissed off growl.

“JayJay. What the fuck is going on?”

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