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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The billionaire’s dramatic girlfriend (Part 4)


When I walked in, a woman sat behind a massive desk and under a wall-sized print of Ozumba Mbadiwe in Victoria Island at night time. It was beautiful, I remembered it well, from the day of my interview, I remember staring at it from behind my glasses wondering how he had gotten such a beauty.

I let myself out of the apartment and got into the waiting car that would take me to the office just around the corner. I was okay with walking but Alexander would never have it, he wasn’t bothered about his image as much as he was bothered about my feet getting sore from walking fifteen minutes.

When I walked in, a woman sat behind a massive desk and under a wall-sized print of Ozumba Mbadiwe in Victoria Island at night time. It was beautiful, I remembered it well, from the day of my interview, I remember staring at it from behind my glasses wondering how he had gotten such a beauty.

This was a different receptionist today (Alexander had little patience with incompetence) and she greeted me by name, which surprised me a little. Alexander or someone else must have told her about my new appointment. I wondered if they’d also been informed about my new engagement to their CEO.

She gave me directions to Alexander’s office, getting there I felt the stares and whispers flowing as I walked by. Jesus! Who asked me not to wait for Alexander to come in with me? I found his corner suite easily almost running into safety from the uncomfortable air outside. Once there, I gathered myself and tried to conjure some composure, then I realized that I couldn’t get my cravings for him to settle down especially now, being alone in his office.

It was unusual for us not have acted on our compulsions this morning. It left me with a small pang of restlessness: to just disengage and walk away from him when he had been so aroused. And so mouth wateringly gorgeous.

Chineke Nna! Becca biko pull yourself together! I ordered myself.

You’re at work. Focus. Do not let yourself be reminded of that job interview, of that very first encounter. Of the way he looked at you, licking his lips subtly as you spoke inviting you into his lair. Of how it felt when he peeled off your drab clothing and squeezed your nipples between those brutal fingers. Or the way he felt when he slid that –

“Ms. Nwachukwu, welcome.” I jumped a little, startled. A woman stood there, tapping on the open door. She looked around thirty with a short black bob and wide rimmed glasses. She was smiling, apparently the only one that was doing so, I needed to get used to the conflicting emotions in this place.

The ring was in full view and her eyes rounded at the sight of it. then she collected herself.

“I am Darasimi Cole, one of the associate editors. Congratulations on getting the job as Mr. Gold’s assistant, we had about a million applications.” Really, was that last part even necessary?

“Thank you, Ms. Cole.” I murmured smiling back forcefully.

“Gosh that makes me sound so old. I am Mrs. actually but everyone calls me Dara” she said lightly. She was nice and I appreciated that she was trying to put me at ease on my first day on the job. Where the fuck was Alexander?

“I can show you around while you wait for Mr. Gold if you’d like” She offered.

I kept my cool feeling almost giddy with anticipation. About the job, about seeing Alexander again soon. I already missed him, I missed his commanding presence and the sparks in the room whenever he was near me.

“That would be fabulous” She smiled in return and gave me a quick tour, introducing me to several other staff members who I noticed tried to keep on a forced smile, they all watched me, half-intrigued, half-amused. I decide that I was not going to take to heart their reactions towards me.

I was one step removed somehow, as if I’d been coated with a thin veneer of power. It was ridiculous really, I didn’t have power, over anyone. I didn’t even want power , still the thought crept in before I could suppress it: their mogul boss was my very possessive fiance who would do anything I asked of him and who shared with me the most passionate, transformative, intimate experiences of my life and his.

I can bring your CEO to his knees. I can make him come so hard with the flick of my tongue and the squeeze of my fingers that he groans like his heart is being ripped out of his chest. I’ve taken him into my body and had him in every way it’s possible to do. He belongs to me, he’s mine.

God, I had accused Alexander of being obsessive when it came to me but I was equally guilty. Either that, or I was going mad, I just wanted to see him again. Now I was having some crazy withdrawal symptoms.

“Here’s the conference room” Darasimi was saying. “This is where all the morning’s meetings will be held. I’ll leave you to get familiar, there’s coffee or tea available and breakfast is served at nine-fifteen. Mr. Gold will be here any minute”

“Great! Thanks. Darasimi, I really appreciate it” She offered that we should have lunch saying she may invite some of the other staff that they really don’t bite and then she left and I was alone in the large conference room. I composed, reminding myself of the self-imposed rules and restrictions.

He will be here soon. You can appreciate his beauty from afar and save the rest for later. I was placing the print-outs of the agenda around the table when Alexander swept in like a stormy-eyed monsoon. I swear ehn, the temperature in the room spiked up by several degrees. His energy filled the place, crowding around me like sultry, tropical warmth. He closed the door. He looked almost windblown like he’d been rushing, even from across the room I could detect his relief.

He’d rushed so he could see me? A little fissure in my tiny heart seemed to open a fraction wider with the realization that he needed me so much. Thankfully, I am not the only one suffering from this full-blown addiction. Alexander was dressed in a beautifully – cut three piece suit, he looked crisp yet hastily groomed and gorgeous. His hair was still damp from his shower, it had been a while since I had seen him dressed up and the effect shot straight to the pit of my stomach.

The combination of his wild ferocity, contained as it was in his business clothes was dazzling. Almost too much to bear.

I want to rip those clothes off him. I want to bite him and hold him down as I entice him with my curvy naked body. damn!

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