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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The billionaire’s dramatic girlfriend (Part 5)


“You won’t be able to call me that in the meeting” I said drawing closer to him, but not close enough to touch him; that would be dangerous. “No,” he growled and his gaze rested on my parted lips, “but I can call you that now”

He placed his leather briefcase at the head of the table. But he kept his distance as though similarly affected

“Honey girl” He greeted me coolly, his eyes predatory and his deep voice edged with a husked controlled joy.

“You won’t be able to call me that in the meeting” I said drawing closer to him, but not close enough to touch him; that would be dangerous.

“No,” he growled and his gaze rested on my parted lips, “but I can call you that now”

God, his voice. So deep and graveled. Thick and husky with lustful intent. How would this work? How would we function like regular people when the allure was this manic? I tried to distract myself. I pulled my eyes away, forcing myself to calm down, so I continued placing papers around the table. “How did it go with JayJay? Everything ok?”

“No. not even close. He’s coming in this afternoon so we can make a plan. It is generating too much social media buzz which is making everything a lot more complicated. And a lot more expensive”

I wasn’t used to seeing him on edge. Most of the time we had spent together he’d been relaxed. Okay not relaxed… intense. But easy enough to placate. The urge to comfort him now was so strong. I went to him, allowing myself one small indulgence, my fingers wiped off the pearls of water falling from his hair. “is there anything I can do?”

He opened his leather briefcase as if to distract himself. “We’ll see him later on. We’ll have to go through all the particulars and hand them over to EFCC. Throw down some hush money, here and there if necessary. I don’t know why he can’t keep things legit. My brother has a tendency to push every boundary.

“I’m sure there’ll be a solution” I didn’t know much about the side of the business JayJay handled, but I wanted to support Alexander in any way I could. I skimmed my fingers along the line of his jaw, loving the endlessly appealing textures of him. the smoothness of his recent shave. The plump curve of his lower lip, I wished I could touch my tongue to him, to lightly lick his mouth. My craving for him was pulsing in me, along with the beat of my heart. He wasn’t breathing well, he looked almost pale.

“Adaure, why don’t you sit in that chair, or stand over there for just a minute. It’s probably not a great idea for you to touch me right now” My hand stilled but I couldn’t quite bring myself to draw away.

“Why not?”

He paused before giving me a gruff reply. “Because I get a fucking raging hard-on whenever you do. And as much as I enjoy raging hard-ons, they’re not ideal at editorial meetings”

Oh god. I wished he hadn’t told me that, his anger fed my desire, inflaming it. I felt feverish. Alive. And so in love, my heart ached. And I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t not give in to the most potent addiction I’d ever known; pleasing him and pleasing myself. I glanced at the clock on the wall – 8:29 – feigning obedience, I stepped away from him. instead of sitting down though, I walked over to the door and flicked the door closed, there was a window to the hallway that ran through the length of the door but it was tinted and opaque.

Alexander watched me walk back to him, his eyes wary and so dark they looked black, I’d gazed to them long enough to know they weren’t black, a sort of captivating light brown and he could read my intent. “Becc –” he was watching my face and his question got lost in his breathing, in the intensity of his awareness of me as I stood close to him. Very close.

“It’s only eight-thirty,” I said. He was watching my face, my mouth and he was flustered. I’ll admit it: I loved flustering him. I crazy – loved him when his big muscle bound body reacted to me in a way that was beyond control. All that broad – shouldered, dark, masculine bravado. Mine. It gave me chills and my barest urges went on overdrive. He was far too tempting.

“They won’t be here until nine” I added cheekily. He looked staggered, torn. Ridiculously sexy, the worry had eased replaced by a conflicted, ravenous need. still he protested.

“Becca” He said his sternness underlaid with a raw desire.

“Be reasonable” I stood on my toes, licking the lightest touch down his lower lip.

“This is me being reasonable. What I really want to do would take much longer” he stared down at me incredulous. But when I ran my hand over the front of his pants, he was fully mouth-wateringly hard. I kissed him again, licking my tongue between his lips. “I know how to make you cum quickly. Let me”

“Damn it, Becca,” he growled, his breath quickening. I was already unbuckling his belt and he made no move to stop me. “FUCK”

“I want you” I whispered, kissing him again.

“Yes. You want me. You have me, and you’re going to be the fucking undoing of me”

“I am going to undo you” I crooned, owning his surrender. I knew he wouldn’t refuse me, he couldn’t. he was as needy for my touch as I was for his. “like this” I unzipped him, reaching into his pants and grasping my tight fist around the hot immensity of him. “the door is locked, no one can see us. No one knows what I am about to do to you”.

His eyes were narrowed almost furious. Letting me do whatever I wanted. Challenging me to do whatever I wanted.

“I’m going to take you into my mouth, like this” I purred “just the head first then I am going to suck on you and use both hands to – ”

“Adaure Fuck! -”

“Do you want me to stop?” I ask innocently, pretending I didn’t see the effect I was having on him.

“No, please”

I squeezed him, working both my fists along his length in careful, provocative strokes. I gripped him harder, rubbing and teasing, totally focused on his pleasure. Alexander groaned, I spoke softly, murmuring the words.

“Look at you. Look at my fingers swirling your juice all over your big, thick cock. See? You’re already starting to cum a little.” His expression was severe, a mixture between fury and ecstasy. He obeyed me, watching as I worked the silken purpled crown of his shaft with my playful fingers.

“Be very quiet” I commanded him as I pulled a chair closer and sat in front of him.

“Becca,” he breathed, as I slid my tongue over the gathering moisture, tasting him, nipping and kissing his silky hardness. His eyes closed, his head slightly tilted back “–oh god help me”

Again, I touched my tongue to his hot throbbing cock, licking across the broad end in gentle, sweeping glides. I took him in deeper into my mouth as I held him in my supple grip.

“Oh fuck!”

“Quiet” I said

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