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Sex: 5 unbelievable reasons it hurts during coitus


Experiencing pain during sex not only ruins the mood or moment, it can also have an adverse consequence which is fear of having sex, or low libido. Pain is your body’s way of pointing out that there’s something wrong.

Some of the reasons below are why you experience pains during sex.

1. Skipping foreplay

Most women are slower to arouse than men, and there’s a little bit of truth in the stereotype that women need more foreplay. However, foreplay needs to be exciting to you, understanding what feels good is key to starting the natural process of blood flow to the genitals, which increases lubrication. Also, staying focused on the moment can be helpful.

2. Lack of lubrication

You have to make the road smooth and slippery if not penetration is going to be painful. Also, the vagina has to be effectively lubricated for penetration for up to 5 minutes after your brain is already in the game. So be sure to have a tube of lube ready for action because you might need it for an emergency sexual romp.

3. Anxiety and stress

Stress and anxiety can make sex less enjoyable so you need to relax. Relaxation is an important part of feeling ready for sex. So give each other massages, by doing this your body will be prepared for sex.

4. The tight squeeze

The genital fit can be a cause of pain, it’s either your partner’s quite large, and you’re extra small. Not to worry, lube can help in some cases. But in situations where the penis is hitting the cervix, or causing an uncomfortable level of stretch, it can help to change sex positions.

5. Genital infections

If you are experiencing genital infections, it can make sex painful. However, most genital infections are easily controlled or curable, and the tests are simple. If you’re experiencing pain, the most important thing is to communicate with your doctor and get tested immediately.

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