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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: The circle of perverts


Ahmed walked up to the bar in one corner of the room and poured himself another cup of whiskey, it was going to be his third shot of the day. Leke and his sexy neighbour [Part 10] “But you have never caught her doing anything, you don catch man on top her before”…

“Just look at them, look at them. All fucking beautiful ladies with no single worry in the world” Edward shook his head as he looked out to the pool.

“Speak for your wife alone o, abeg. My own is either Ada kills me or I kill her first. Na one way”

Ahmed frowned and walked turned around as he spoke. Edward and Olumide could not help laughing at their friend’s remarks.

Ahmed walked up to the bar in one corner of the room and poured himself another cup of whiskey, it was going to be his third shot of the day.

“But you have never caught her doing anything, you don catch man on top her before” Olumide asked while cradling a cup of vodka, his fifth of the day.

“Why are you talking like this? I don’t need to have caught another man fucking her. I just have that deep feeling and it’s getting really worrisome these days” Ahmed was frowning as he explained.

“Have you tried talking to her, at least tell her your fears? Because to be honest, nobody but her can calm these your fears before you give yourself hypertension” Edward offered his advice.

“You say I should talk to her, right? Please tell me exactly how the conversation is to start” Ahmed’s frown got tighter.

“Well, that’s true” Olumide agreed and there was silence as they all stared out to the pool where their partners were also sharing a drink and doing their own catch up.

Aisha, Ahmed’s wife turned and waved at the men. She got them waving back in return. Ahmed was a major importer of cars and had made quite a name for himself over the years, Aisha on the other hand owned a large store in the popular Balogun market where she dealt in fabrics and gold accessories .

Ahmed had been married to her for just a little over two years now and all seemed to be rosy till questions started popping up about when a baby was going to arrive. Aisha’s mother had led the charge asking when she was going to get a grandchild, the couple’s answer had been that they were simply not ready and would have a child on their own time and nobody’s.

It seemed a truly logical answer to anybody, after all it was their marriage and theirs alone so everyone else backed down except for Aisha’s mother of course who kept up with the occasional questions.

It was just two months ago that Ahmed had started hinting his buddies about the feeling Aisha was cheating on him. It had been a shock to both of them but when they had asked him if he had any proof or noticed any change in her behavior, the answer had been negative.

So just what was the reason for his suspicions, he had just shrugged and said nothing more. But his worries continued over the months. His friends could only watch and offer their advice, there was really nothing they could do.

Now there was Ada, Edward’s wife. They had been married for a while longer, almost four years and had a set of twins. They were the perfect couple and all was well. No fuss, no stress. Edward worked as a director in one of the new generations banks while Ada was a full time house wife who also happened to be a pastor at a nearby church.

They were the happy, sweet family and they were the ones playing hosts this Saturday afternoon. The twins had been sent off to their maternal grandparents for the weekend.

The third lady was Ajoke (Not that anyone would remember her name in a week), she was the latest in the long line of Olumide’s girlfriends. It was Olumide who was the bad sheep in the gang, the one who was not looking to settle down anytime soon. He never wanted commitment and he never made a move to hide it.

Always made it clear to the ladies he met often, they were just living for the day and nothing more. Ada was tired of preaching and preaching to him, Edward had even made a joke once that it would be easier to convert the devil than have Olumide change his ways. He loved his freedom and there was simply no one he was willing to give it up for.. or was there?

As the men stood out by the terrace watching their partners talk, they simply had no idea about how much their lives were about to change. For good? For bad? No one could see the future..

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