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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: The circle of perverts (Part 10)



Olumide was grinning as he walked to the door. He was all dressed up for work but he knew he could spare an hour or two for his early morning guest. He opened the door to see a straight faced Aisha standing there were her arms folded right beneath her breasts.

She had a black Jellabiya gown and black scarf on, black sunglasses to top it all off like a woman in mourning. Olumide was unsure as to how to welcome her so he just said the first thing that popped up.

“Good morning to you too” He finished up with a smile.

Aisha did not respond, she merely walked past him and straight to his living room.

“Where is the video. Let me see it” She said as she dropped the handbag she had with her on a nearby couch.

“Wow! What is with the attitude? No good morning, no hugs” Olumide was trying to be on his best behavior.

“Olumide, I am pissed at you as it is already. Do not push me further” Now she was frowning and Olumide was confused.

“Me? What have I done?” Was the logical next question.

“You aided my husband in cheating, just what kind of friend are you?!” She screamed at him, Olumide took two steps back. Now he was more confused than ever, wasn’t this the same lady he fucked often. Was that not also cheating? Or were the rules different? But he knew better than to ask that question now.

“I thought you did not believe me when I told you so what are you now mad about? Besides who told you that I aided him? Do you know how much I tried to talk him out of it? And if I aided him as you so put it, would I have called you?” Well, Olumide knew in times like this, certain lies were required.

“Just show me the video” Aisha could attack him no further as she started pacing back and forth the living room.

Olumide walked to table and chair he had set up in a corner of the room for studies. He took his laptop out of hibernation, the screen came alive with the video on pause where the lady had Ahmed’s dick in her mouth. Olumide had purposely played and paused it at that scene so Aisha could understand just what he was talking about.

“Here it is” He called Aisha and stepped back so she could have the chair to herself as he stood behind her.

Aisha was stunned to say the least, she knew what she was seeing but her brain was having a hard time processing it. There was a dick as hard as any she had ever seen in between a lady’s full lips. She wanted to argue with herself that it was not her husband’s dick that was so hard. She put her hand on the space button, let it linger there as she continued to stare at the screen.

She finally summoned enough courage to push the enter button and the her husband cane into full view as his hand grabbed the lady by the head and he started to fuck her mouth, choking her with his dick. She was not complaining, Aisha knew how that felt.

She could not fathom out what was going on but one thing’s for certain, Ahmed’s dick was just fine and it seemed it was even better considering the way the lady screamed as he flipped her around and took her from behind. She watched as her husband pushed another lady’s head into the bed just to muffle her sounds, she watched as her husband slapped another lady’s ass. She watched as the lady’s hands went all over the place looking for something to hold on to.

Ahmed was more than a porn star fucking this random lady and at some point when he pulled his dick out of her, Aisha could swear she saw him look down and smile at the sight of his dick.

For some weird reason,it turned her on as she watched her husband fuck someone else. Was it because it had been quite a while she had his dick in her? She could not tell and Olumide’s hand on her shoulder was not helping matters at all. It did not take long for him to start massaging the shoulder as they both watched the show Ahmed was starring in.

Aisha turned to look at Olumide with lust filled eyes and wondered if she should tell him she had no panties on. No, he would have to find that out for himself, she decided.

“When will you be back?” Ada asked as she watched her husband knot up his tie.

“I don’t know yet, it depends on how good the offer is at first and how the negotiations progress”. Edward was straight faced answering her. He had made up his mind last night while coming home from the office. He needed to flush the sexual hold his secretary had on him and he had decided on the best way to go about it.

He was going to spend as much day as he could with her and fuck her till he could go no more. The first step to doing this was calling her and informing her that they were traveling to Ghana for the next few days and she should pack up for the flight early the next day.

Surprisingly she had put up no hesitation and just said she would be at the airport at the time put forward.

His wife was not his problem.

“Junior’s birthday is next week” Ada whispered.

“I know, I would be back before then” He heard her and replied as he picked up his bag and kissed her forehead. The kiss was cold and they both knew. It was not his concern as he walked out of the room.

Ada sat up in bed and smiled, this was no longer a marriage. It was a dictatorship and as in every dictatorship, there was always rebellion.

She picked up her phone and texted Olumide.

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