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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: The teasing game (Part 2)



“Have a seat” She told him.

The tone of her voice made him comply with no hesitation.

He was not sure if he was meant to be afraid and pleading for his life or something else because there was no missing the determination tone in her voice. She sure was going to make him pay for the torture he had put her through in the car, he knew that for sure.

She turned around to lock the door then dropped her bag on a stool nearby. He was half expecting her to put on the light but she did nothing but walk and stand before him. Floodlights from the street provided some form of illumination and he could see her eyes filled with lust, it did not help matters that she was running her tongue across her lower lips. Her hands were down grabbing the hem of her skirt and pulling them upwards slowly.

He watched as she showed off more an more of her thick thighs and just when the skirt was as high as her panties, she stopped. He took in a deep breath and said a quick prayer as she went down on her knees, grabbing his knees along the way.

She kept her eyes on his as she ran her fingers inside his pants. He was suddenly having an idea of how she felt during the ride home.

She found the outline of his dick in the dark and let one of her finger run the length of it.

“God! You are so hard” She whispered, he nodded before speaking..

“Take it out and see just how much” He whispered back.

She obliged and got to unhooking his belt buckle and in record time, she had his dick out in the open.It was standing at full length. His dick might not be the biggest or thickest but he was sure proud of it and looking at it now in the dim lighted room, he could not help but smile. He looked at her but she was not looking back at him anymore.

She was staring lustfully at his dick. She reached out and wrapped her hand around it, it felt so warm within her grasp. She needed no urging on before her hand started to go up and down his length, she let her thumb stay up and rub on his slit. She could feel the change in his breathing pattern and knew she had him just when she wanted him. She took her head lower with mouth open just about right to fit his dick in.

And with her eyes now looking up at him, she made him watch as she slowly sank her mouth on his dick. Going lower till her mouth could take in no more. She maintained eye contact with him still till he could take no more. Now it was his turn to close his eyes and look for something to hold on to and it was her head he finally got hold of.

His large hands covered her ears and his fingers started to run numbers by the side of her neck. She was sucking him slowly with her hands cupping and playing with his balls. She took her mouth off to run off some saliva on him and one of his hands left her head and grabbed the edge of the couch. She watched as her saliva ran down the side of his dick and it was all glistering in the dark, it was calling out to her and she knew it.

Her free hand was between her thighs already and sliding her panties aside. He was pushing her head further urging her to take him back in her mouth, if only he knew she had other plans. She resisted his pushed with her tongue just reaching out to lick the pre-cum that was already escaping his dick.

She stood up with her hand still holding to his cap. He could see her panties had made way and now he knew he had to brace himself for what was coming next. She straddled him while holding his dick and sliding it into her tight, warm self.

She let out a gasp as he also groaned with his full length now inside her. Neither of them made a move, just stayed there in silence with his dick fully housed in her and staring at each other. She threw her hand behind her back and grabbed her dress and with little effort pulled it over her head, he was thrusting up into her by the time she was getting to unhook her bra.

Her hands were all up in her hair and above as she began to ride, matching his tempo. He leaned forward and took in one of her nipples in her mouth with his hands running up and down her bare back covering every inch of her skin. She could not tell which was louder, her moans or his groans even with his mouth all preoccupied with her nipple.

One of his hands had found home on her ass and was squeezing ever part of it with a finger looking to dig into her asshole. She grabbed his hand and stopped him.

He looked up at her lust filled eye and she shook her head. Nothing was to go into her asshole, he had to understand that. He understood quite alright but he had other plans and without further ado, he lifted her and stood up from the couch. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he moved towards the door.

He had her pinned against the door with her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs around his waist before proceeding to fuck her like she had never been fucked before. She did not know when or how loud she was screaming till he took her mouth up in a kiss, his hand firmly underneath her ass.

His dick was doing things to her that she could not explain and just when she was about to break off the kiss and plead with him to stop, they heard a key slide into the door hole. They froze and quickly broke off the kiss, staring at each other in shock. He had forgotten she had her sister as a flatmate.

Did he really?

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