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Pulse Opinion: Sex is banned in camps but corps members still do it in the bushes


On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, two NYSC corps members were caught having sex at the Ogun State NYSC Orientation Camp.

It was reported that while Skills Acquisition program was ongoing, the two corps member were having sex in the camp.

They were reportedly caught at the back of the venue for these classes, away from the crowd, having sex somewhere close to the bush in the camp.

The two members were ‘decamped’ which means that they would have to re-apply for NYSC to join the next batch.

Having sex in the Orientation Camp is an offense the NYSC frowns even though it is not mentioned in the NYSC bye-laws.

If you also visit the NYSC website, sex is not part of the many listed offenses that will get you sent out of camp. Doing hard drugs like cocaine, Indian hemp, heroine etc. can get you kicked out and any member who is in possession of hard drugs shall be reported to the police for prosecution but sex isn’t part of the bye-law.

But the reality is this- corp members still go to the ‘bushes’ even though it might not be too safe to involve in sexual acts.

However, some people think if you are kicking out fully grown adults for having sex at least it should be written in black and white, meaning it should be in the bye-law.

NYSC might be seeing this from a moral perspective, but the organizers of the scheme should also consider the fact that the corps members are human and some of them may find it difficult to hold their sexual urge for weeks (21 days).

Some of the reasons corps members indulge in sexual acts is due to loneliness, staying away from their partners for too long, also not forgetting the fact that they are adults and being in camp doesn’t mean they are in prison which therefore means they are free to have sex whenever they feel like.

Therefore, sex is a normal human activity and adults shouldn’t be punished for it. Young Nigerians are serving their country and should not be judged on the tabernacle of traditionalism and religious values.

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