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Erotica: Fatima’s sex cure


Immediately my divorce was finalized two years back, I decided to take a job at a media house as a producer and this requires me travelling across the country.

The more I got to meet new people and communicate with them,i decided it’s time to have sex with a total stranger to cleanse myself of my ex-husband’s sexual deposit.

So, I strolled out of the house one night and walked into the bar of a cheap hotel to unwind somewhere around Surulere. Few minutes after i had 2 bottles of snapp, i noticed a young, handsome and tall looking hottie checking me out. I thought to myself,is this the perfect opportunity to get laid? I wanted sex so badly and to me he was just the right one.

I started to imagine his dick in my hand, and his warm mouth on my already swollen nipples, i couldn’t get those thoughts off my head, and at this point i wanted his dick in my already wet pussy.

He was a complete stranger, yet i wanted him at all cost, i wanted to erase the sexual memories of my ex-husband so badly. I wanted to try something different. All these erotic thoughts kept building up and then i noticed his wedding ring, damn!

I was still seated at the bar when he walked up to me, i could feel my nipples getting harder and my pelvic muscles contracting. I asked him immediately because i was not ready to waste my erotic energy and he said: “My wife and I have an understanding,”.

He invited me upstairs in his hotel room, we had few bottles and we stripped off our clothes and rushed each other. We did it three times in a row, and with each orgasmic erotic round, i felt my ex-husband’s sexual residue leaving me. I was extremely happy.

The morning after, my sex healer got a call from his wife and he had this guilty tone which revealed that he lied. I should feel bad, but i didn’t. Honestly, i wanted some sexual healing and i got it, i was cured and that was all that mattered right now. I went back home fulfilled and thought to myself “Fatima you should do this often“.

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