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How To Guide: 5 erogenous parts of a woman’s body apart from her breasts and vagina


The erogenous zones are even unknown to some women. She doesn’t even realize that you are trying to turn her on when you start touching those spots.

Below are some of the erogenous zones of a woman’s body you should know about.

1. The brain

The brain is the hub of a woman’s emotions, desires and feelings. Under appreciated by men when it comes to sex, a woman’s brain is her most potent sexual organ. If you can stimulate a woman’s brain, you can get her in the mood to want to have sex with you. Never neglect her brain.

2. Her scalp

A head massage will release a certain hormone. This hormone is called oxytocin. It’s a stress-relieving hormone that provides a sense of peace and turns her on. Just softly massage her scalp with your nails or fingertips. Move them from the top of her head to her neck. Keep doing this for a while, with all 10 fingertips at the same time.

3. Her ears & temples

Her ears and temples are incredibly sensitive. She usually has a lot of tension in this zone. If you massage her here, her whole body will relax. Massage her ears and temples with your fingertips, your lips, or your tongue. Also, try nibbling them or biting them softly and see if she likes that.

4. The nose

I bet you did not know a woman’s nose is erogenous also. Well it is. There are nerve endings below the skin that turn a woman on when rubbed with a thumb or tongue. Some freaky women don’t mind you biting their nose softly.

5. The back of her neck

The muscles located her are quite sensitive. A few strokes on this zone will have a woman begging you to have sex with her. Kiss, nibble, bite slowly and also stroke and you will have her horny in no time.

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