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Intimate Sex: 5 special positions that will bring couples closer


Sex is magic. It can be erotic, fun, adventurous and other amazing things you want it to be.

Sex is powerful and can be used to celebrate relationship anniversaries, for pleasure or have babies.

Most times, as a couple you crave to have super close sex, the kind that reminds you why you’re together. Not to worry, below are 5 positions to keep you closer than you think.

1. The spooning sex position

This position is super cuddly and special, it also creates a very different sensation for both partners. Your shoulders, back, and butt are in close contact with your partner’s trunk, and he can reach around and caress your breasts or clitoris for extra stimulation.

The spooning sex position

2. The cowgirl or woman on top

Whatsoever position that lets you concentrate on your partner’s face is good for more intimacy. So, the woman on top is ideal for super intimate lovemaking because you are gazing into each other’s eyes.

The cowgirl or woman on top

3. The side by side sex position

You lie on your side, facing your partner. Then lift your leg over his hip. This position builds intimacy because you’re both looking into each other’s eyes and can easily reach the other person’s erogenous zones.

The side by side sex position

4. The split missionary

This is another style under the missionary sex category. This position allows you go deep into your partner but in the split missionary, you have to keep your legs spread into a split. However, any missionary position is super intimate because you are looking into each other’s eyes, kiss mouths, and necks, and have lots of skin-to-skin contacts.

The split missionary

5. Sitting with legs crossed position

Sitting with legs crossed position

The sitting with your legs crossed position, also known as the yab yum, a tantric sex position, is a seated face-to-face option. This is a combination of sex and cuddling. Have your partner sit upright with his legs either crossed in front of his body. Sit in his lap facing him, your legs around his hips. You can wrap your arms around each other, too. Nuzzling, kissing, and touching each other all over is easy in this position. Although the person on the bottom will have some restricted thrusting movement, so it forces couples to slow it down with more of gyrating movement.

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