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Car Sex: 3 positions to try out in your ride


Naturally, lovemaking or having sex is super intimate, but involving in car sex is super-hot, especially when you are parked at a location where people might be passing and the fear of being caught even makes it more interesting.

However, not all sex positions work for car sex, there are specific styles that can be comfortable for the car play.

Below are 3 awesome sex positions to get that car bumping.

1. The backseat driver

Roll over the front passenger seat forward and push it as close as possible toward the dash, then he can then lean on the passenger-side backseat, with his legs resting on either side of the front passenger headrest. She climbs on top of him facing away from him and, depending on her height and the kind of car, can either kneel or bend her legs so her feet are planted on his hips.

The backseat driver

2. The seated rear entry

This position is when the woman controls penetration and rhythm. There is increased G-spot stimulation with rear entry, and she or he has access to the clitoris. The best car position is with him seated in the passenger seat and with her on top, facing away from him for some rear-entry access.

The seated rear entry

3. The yab yum with a twist

The yab yum with a twist

This is a is a traditional tantric sex position that renders well to sex in the front seat. In this position, the partners sit face to face with one straddling the other. Better still, the man sits in the full lotus posture, with the woman on his lap, her legs wrapped around him. Of course, this isn’t very practical in a car, but he can sit in the passenger seat, and she can straddle him.

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