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Latex Condoms: All you need to know about this contraceptive


The ultimate rule of safe sex is to always use a condom. There are various condoms, we have the ribbed, magnum, and flavoured options, it’s easy for us to get a little confused.

Latex condoms are effective at preventing pregnancy. They reduce the risk of STIs including HIV, they are easily accessible,can be disposed easily, generally have a low risk of side effects, and can even make sex more pleasurable.

How do you know the right size?And what will happen if you wear a coloured condom? All this and other thoughts come to mind but not to worry because the most important thing is staying safe while having fun.

Below, are some of the uniqueness of latex condoms, it’s durable, it’s sensational, it’s lubricant friendly.

1. Meaning of latex

Latex condom is a pure form of rubber used for lots of condoms out there. Latex condoms can fit into any size and shape and ain’t difficult to get. However, few people are quite sensitive to the protein in latex condoms. They also don’t mix with lubricants that are oil-based lubes.

2. It’s durable

They are extremely durable because of the strong elasticity presence and it can extend up to about 700% before it finally breaks.

3. Less sensational

Latex condoms can be really un-sensational and not too comfortable, notwithstanding some latex products are more enjoyable than others for that sexual moment you truly desire.

4. Safety

Latex condoms provide protection against pregnancy and STDs, however, some people are allergic to the latex or sensitive to latex products.

5. Lubricants

Latex condoms are easily accessible with or without spermicidal lubricants. Its important to note that oil-based lubricants damage latex condoms. Also, Petroleum jelly, skin lotions or creams, cooking oil and baby oil result in loss of elasticity and finally break the condom.

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