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Everything Sex! 5 eye-opening facts you didn’t know about sex, and orgasms



When it comes to sexual health, we would like to think we’ve covered it all. But such questionable vagina trends, such as whether inserting garlic into the vagina can treat a yeast infection and if squatting over steaming coffee really will induce labour.

So we are surprised to learn that there’s actually a lot more we haven’t covered concerning sex and sexual health. Below are fascinating things you probably didn’t know about your downtown.

1. There’s more to the clitoris than meets the eye

Most people think that the clitoris is a small pleasure zone tucked inside the vulva. Turns out that what you see is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The clitoris extends well into the pelvis and it develops from the same tissue as the penis.

2. Pubic hair can boost your sexual pleasure

Going bare down there might make you feel sexier. But keeping some pubic hair comes with a surprising benefit which is having more pleasure during sex. Hair around the vagina helps to heighten our sexual sensitivity. If your partner strokes you lightly over your pubic hair, the bending of the hairs will send a signal to the follicles, which will pass the message on to your nervous system.

3. Discharge keeps things clean

The purpose of discharge is to keep the vagina clean and to flush out unwelcome guests such as fungi and bacteria, as well as dead cells from the surface of the mucous membrane. This whitish or clear fluid also contains a decent amount of good bacteria, like lactobacilli, to help ward off infections.

4. Having an orgasm might kick start your period

Have you ever had sex and then immediately started your flow? You’re not alone. This happens because the same uterine contractions responsible for pushing out period blood also trigger contractions during orgasm. So if you’re having sex right before your period is set to start, the muscle spasms that take place when you climax may help release menstrual blood.

5. Most women don’t truly have pre-period mood swings

We may call our pre-period mood swings and chocolate cravings PMS, but the true premenstrual syndrome is a condition that causes symptoms so severe, they prevent women from engaging in everyday life. They also tend to occur almost every month, not just once in a while.

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