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Libido: Surprising things that can increase your sex drive


This happens a lot, most especially if you are experiencing body changes due to aging. But the good news is – you can get your mojo right back some few tips.

Below are some natural ways to boost your libido without much effort and eventually get to have more erotic moments.

1. By reducing your alcohol consumption

Too many glasses of alcohol can have an opposite effect, while the irregular glass of wine with dinner is okay, but going overboard with the alcohol can quickly kill off your sex drive. Lots of alcohol consumption can have an adverse effect on your sexual performance and also resulting in issues like erectile dysfunction and a decreased ability to orgasm.

2. Decent hydration

Dehydration is linked to a long list of negative side effects that can quickly kill the mood, headaches and vaginal dryness. So be sure to drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables to stay adequately hydrated.

3. Ginseng intake

Ginseng is a popular aphrodisiac in both Asian and American species of ginseng are believed to boost sex drive. The strong effects of ginseng are linked to its content of ginsenosides, which have been shown to improve blood flow and decrease erectile dysfunction.

4. Involve in more sex

More sex boosts sex drive more than anything else, the more you have, the more you want. So by having it more, you arouse those feel-good hormones, like dopamine and oxytocin, which sends a signal to your body to crave more.

5. Engaging in more exercise

Exercising can also fuel your libido. Exercising can arouse the production of testosterone which is key to a strong libido. Also, exercising with your partner is a great way to do something together that makes you feel strong and confident. It can also boost flexibility, balance, and strength, which can have a beneficial effect in the bedroom, as well. Plus, you can even have post-workout sex, which might just be even hotter.

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