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Oral Sex: How important is it for men to give head?


Giving a woman head is not one of the usual sexual practices most Nigerian men patronize and this is probably due to socio-cultural norms, religious values or beliefs.

Communication is the key to everything and most women love you going down on them just as much as you love them going down on you.

Popular Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh also , ”If you love a good head, open up and tell your partner.’

Giving good head.


Although oral sex is not the most important aspect of a relationship, however, it is vital. Most women feel as if there is something wrong with them if the guy they are having sexual relations with is not enthusiastic about going down on them, and this can really can mess with their self-esteem. Such women will start wondering if you don’t like their smell, the taste or the look of their vagina.

A man giving his woman head is very intimate and more powerful than penetration. According to Josephine Coleman, a sex therapist “Giving head is an important and desirable gauge for how much you absolutely cherish your woman“.

Lick it till her legs shake uncontrollably

(Barbara McKenzie )

Giving your woman head can head can make her feel a little sensitive but can also open her eyes and make her feel the sexual fantasies she never knew she had. Head makes her feel sexy and wanted. But for most men, they never go down on any girl they meet, so there is this close connection and satisfaction she feels when her man goes down on her with his tongue.

Timi Adeoye, a sex article writer suggests that “most women feel it is going to extremely amazing but are really not expecting much. But just make sure you are gentle and you pay close attention to her body language and how well she’s enjoying all the moves you make“.

Not only is oral sex a pleasant experience for your woman, but it makes her feel more relaxed and really horny before sex, and this can help make thrusting less painful, and give her multiple orgasms before actual sex happens. Oral sex is as important to women as it is to men, and not only due to the pleasure aspect.

Giving your woman head gives her a sense of security, confidence, and relaxation. You give her the idea that you care about the way she feels and that you want to please her, not just you. And most importantly, you’re showing her that you love and want her so much that you’re not irritated by her vagina because you’re comfortable around her.

Benefits/Importance of giving your woman head

When you are both sure of getting and receiving head from your partner regularly, you both have to make sure that bodily fluids taste good and there are certain fruits like pineapple that can do the trick. Also, never forget that one of the best ways to sexually please a woman is with oral sex.

However, with that being said below are some health and importance of giving your woman head.

1. Head is a good form of orgasm

Giving head and making your woman have orgasms through it naturally is a great stress reliever and can reduce depression because of the hormones released. It also helps her to become more familiar with herself and there is nothing healthier than loving yourself.

2. It helps you get to know what she truly likes

Giving head is the communication of fantasies and understanding a lot more about her body language through oral sex. Not only do we need to know what our partner wants, we need to know what we want. But also when pleasing her by giving her head, you must let her know it’s mutual.

3. It creates more intimacy and communication

Most women love the way you go down on them because it feels so intimate when someone goes down on them. If you’re able to be totally at ease and open with your partner in these situations this can only be positive for the rest of your sex life.

So, it’s really up to you whether or not your woman’s overall happiness and satisfaction mean a lot to you. When you give your woman head, you’re showing her that you’re thinking of her fulfillment as much as your own.

Therefore, neglect her and watch her stray and start looking for someone who will give her what you don’t. So if you love her and want her, do yourself a favor and don’t get grossed out. If you do, just do it for the sake of saving your relationship from getting even more complicated.

Going into a relationship means pleasing your needs in new and more innovative ways, so remember you have to do it for the sake of your woman’s happiness in the relationship.

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