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Masturbation: Incredible health benefits of self-stimulation



Masturbating or self-stimulation can improve your health to a certain extent.

Having solo sex isn’t just unharmful , it’s actually beneficial in several ways. Below are few ways to get you started.

1. Reduces stress

In case you’ve had a rough day and find out you’re really stressed, a little self-stimulation may be just what you need. Masturbation is a great stress-reliever.

2. A good pain relief

Doesn’t mean whenever you have a headache you should jerk off. However, masturbation can help you manage pain. It’s especially helpful when dealing with menstrual cramps and muscle tension.

3. It helps your pelvic muscles

Masturbation can help with strengthening the pelvic muscles down there so you’re less likely to lose urine when you cough or sneeze due to aging. So, everyone can experience benefits of increased pelvic floor strength and prevention of desire through masturbation and it also helps to ease cramps during menstruation.

4. It can help prevent some infections

Unprotected sex can cause STI’s. But for people with vaginas, masturbation can help prevent cervical infections and urinary tract infections through the process of ‘tenting,’ which is the opening of the vagina during arousal process.

5. Beneficial to relationship health

Masturbation, sex, and orgasm have a lot of health benefits. This means consensual masturbation does too. So, solo or mutual is more likely headed to orgasm and some of the health benefits are – better sleep, happier mood, lower stress, and glowing skin. So, since mutual masturbation can feel vulnerable, it also will connect you and your sweetie on an ever deeper level. No matter how long you’ve been together, you want that for sure.

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