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My 5 Guy Bang Fantasy


The guys launch at me and grab my clothes; buttons spraying everywhere as they rip my top off.I feel hands throw me to the bed ripping at my tights – the last barrier of clothing protecting me from the impending onslaught. I am lost in a dream I’ve had a thousand times but only today it’s real. The men are real and the cocks are real.

On Saturday I wake early and drive to meet Donna. She’s a friend and we’ve also fucked ourselves stupid once or twice. But tonight is for me. I’m keeping all those long, hard big dicks to myself thank you.
I tell Donna about my gang bang with 5 guys tonight as we relax after our massage. She is still in awe as the final coats of nail polish go on. I get ‘slut red’ as that is who I am for the day.
Donna smiles and gives me a kiss as I jump in my car heading home to prepare for the evening. I lay on my bed and fall asleep.
I wake around 6:30 and get myself ready and cleaned out. I shower and leave.
I arrive at the hotel bar around 7:45 and walk right into the bar. My nerves are jangling and more then once I want to turn and run. But nerves or not I am determined to be fucked tonight; good and proper.
There are men sitting everywhere in the bar – only one other woman and she is serving drinks. I order a vodka and lime.
The woman smiles
‘No problem Jenny. By the way Happy Birthday, the drink is on the house.’
This shocks me totally and makes the whole situation become real very quickly.
Instead of wanting to run my cunt switches to high alert. It wants it as much as the rest of me does. I am ready. We are ready.
The bartender brings my drink. She looks at a blonde well-built man sitting at the end of the bar.
‘That’s Sven.’ she says with a smile. ‘Hope you enjoy your Birthday present.’
I don’t care she knows – I just want to get on with it. She nods to Sven and he walks over and sits next to me.
He introduces himself and tells me he will take care of everything and ensure my safety. He puts me so at ease with only a few words.
‘So tell me is there anyone here that you would like to join our party? You did say 5 – I brought 3 extra just in case you don’t like any.’
I turn in my chair and looked around at the guys. They are all sitting, some together, some sipping drinks, some standing looking as if they were at a meeting or something.
I pick 5 guys – all big boys. I hope their cocks match their size. Then in the corner I notice a tall guy staring out of the window – wow – fuck me – it’s my ex-husband Kevin.
I ask Sven if he is part of the group. He said it was his first time and that he didn’t know much about him. I tell Sven that he can watch if he wants to but he can’t join in.
Kevin never sees my face as he is looking out of the window the whole time.
Sven gives me a key and I head to the room. I check myself in the mirror – my tights are wet where the crutch has been sitting on my soaked pussy.
The bed is in the centre of the room. There are sofas and chairs all around – a place for the guys to rest maybe? I don’t know.
I am just bursting with anticipation. I lay on the bed and wait. 15 minutes tick by.
By the time Sven finally opens the door my cunt is in a total meltdown.
‘It’s happening.’ I think as the guys crowd into the room.
Sven whispers in my ear. ‘Are you ready?’
The word sticks in my throat
‘Y e s.’
That’s all it takes. The guys launch at me and grab my clothes; buttons spraying everywhere as they rip my top off.
I feel hands throw me to the bed ripping at my tights – the last barrier of clothing protecting me from the impending onslaught.
I am lost in a dream I’ve had a thousand times but only today it’s real. The men are real and the cocks are real.
I feel the first finger bury deep inside me and I cum before their cocks are even out of their pants.
Sven is the first to get naked – his cock is huge.
‘Come on guys fuck her!’ Sven grabs my head and pulls it onto his cock – ‘Well suck it!’
There is no chance of doing anything else! His massive rod is in my mouth and he is pulling my head to control the sucking motion. It lights a bigger fire and sends me on another bigger pleasure ride.
I feel a hand grab my breast and a pull on my nipple as another guy with the fattest brown cock I have ever seen also joins Sven at head height.
Sven pulls my mouth off him and brown boy shoves his cock in the empty hole. My cunt is now being invaded by two separate sets of fingers. One rubbing my g-spot the other working deep, deep inside in.
I feel a mouth start to suck on my tit – my nipple is standing to attention like a good girl. I buck in the air cumming wildly like a horse being broken in by 5 well hung cowboys.
The fingers in my cunt work harder spreading me wider and wider as they go 2 the three fingers each… yes six fingers my cunt. It was on fire and taking it well.
I feel the fingers pull out of me as Sven now takes my head back filling my mouth with his hard long cock.
‘I’m going to fuck your ass with this so take good care of it.’ he says.
‘Yes, yes, please fuck my ass please.’ I beg.
He moves away to let someone else in. A well-built black guy with a snake – no – a fucking python hanging between his legs steps up. I open my mouth wide he takes hold of his cock and rubs it all over my face. It is so long and beautiful.
I have never been with a black guy – it’s just never happened – and now one is rubbing himself all over me getting harder and harder as he goes.
I feel a cock enter my cunt as both my legs are being held wide by two guys, this alone sends me over the edge into another mind blowing orgasm. I scream as the big dick fucks me good and hard.
I turn my head to see Kevin sitting in a chair just watching these guys maul me to pieces. l laugh inside to myself as he is sitting there.
‘Fucking weak git!’ I think as the fifth cock slides into my mouth.  I suck it this time moving my head back and forward under the weight of the joy I was feeling.
And the new added excitement of showing my ex what he is missing out on makes it even better. My cunt is still being used as pumping machine giving whichever guy it was at this time his fun.
‘More’ I cry ‘I want more!’
Sven moves the guys off me, and grabs my hand and stands me up. Kevin almost fell of his chair
‘What? Fuck! Jenny is that you?’
I look at him and smile
‘Oh yes Kevin, it is.’
I could feel hands roaming around my crutch as fingers poked in my ass and cunt at the same time. Two different strong hands from two different guys. They finger fuck me until I cum. I look at Kevin as my eyes roll back into my head.
Sven is laid on the bed cock still hard and waiting. I climb on and slide my cunt lips down on to it and start to ride him.
Brown boy jumps up on the bed and straddles Sven so his cock is at the right height to slide into my mouth. Just as easy as Sven’s does into my already well-fucked cunt.
I feel another movement on the bed as someone grabs my hips from behind. I am soaked – my cunt juice providing the lube. But whoever it is lubed up first anyway. His huge pulsating dick fills my ass.
Underneath me Sven starts to pump. These guys have obviously been here before. They work in perfect rhythm, one in one out, in out, in out.
I cum again.
Unable to hold myself up the two spare guys grab me and hold me firm, one spanking both of my ass cheeks sending more waves into an already overdosed pleasure system and pushing me into a new unexplored area.
Playing with toys doesn’t even start to compare to this. These boys know exactly what they are doing.
Kevin – the dumb fuck – just sits and watches.
Over and over they take turns and my mouth cunt and ass are all well worked and totally used until I can’t cum any more.
Hours pass – not that I know – I am lost in the pleasure unbridled and unmatched by any feeling I had ever had before.
Sven moves then guys off me.
‘Do you think it’s time?’ he asks.
‘Yes Sven please do it.’
I lay on the bed playing with my totally fucked cunt, my clit still giving out a resemblance of pleasure from the over use it has received.
The guys surround me. Kevin – the dumb cunt – is still sat in the chair. I wonder if he is tied there – no matter this is about me not him.
My ass has never been used so much and it feels open I love it. My mouth is sore and my pussy is red and wounded. I could burst with happiness.
One by one the guys all start to play pulling their cocks faster and faster as I play with my lose well-fucked cunt.
‘Arrrrgggghh’ brown dick shoots his load first hitting my ribs, the first load the second landing on my belly.
Big black is next setting off a chain reaction with all of the guys except Sven shooting their man glue all over me hitting my arms, my sides, my cunt and my tits. Some starts to dribble down my neck.
Sven pulls harder. ‘Jenny Happy Birthday!’ he says as his cum shoots out of the end of his massive rod and hits me directly in my face.
I cum again. This final orgasm beats any I have ever had. I writhe on the bed out of control as Sven cums again and again covering my whole face with his juice.
One by one they all come by and wish me Happy Birthday as they put their cocks in my well-fucked mouth allowing me to suck the last drops of cum out of them.
I stand up covered in cum.
‘What no Happy Birthday from you Kevin?’ He stands and leaves.
What a Birthday Gang Bang! I am already planning next year.
Written by Joy Klatt for the Sarcastic Geek Community

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21 days ago

“Happy 80th birthday” Kevin, 92, said when he left the room 😉

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