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OMG! 3 different hot orgasms women can have


The female anatomy is a wonder able to experience various types of orgasms.

The most common orgasm a woman encounter is the clitoral orgasm. Moreso, orgasms caused by other erogenous zones, such as the nipples, connect to nerve endings in the clitoris.

See other kinds of erotic orgasms below for that mind-blowing experience.

1. The clitoral orgasm

In order to have more erotic orgasms, the clit is where you should be directing your attention. Most times when having penetrative sex and you are questioning why she’s not coming, this is because most women can’t get off this way. Some women cannot orgasm from vaginal thrusting alone, so you have to put your erotic energy on the clitoris.

2. The cervical orgasm

This is also known as deep vaginal orgasms. The cervix itself does not have any tissue endings, but because the penis will have to go deep, it is known as cervical orgasm. The clitoris is still involved in this kind of orgasms, as the internal clit is still in action.

3. The nipple orgasm

The nipples excite the desire receptors in your body and brain which are all connected to the clitoris. However, When these regions are touched, the clitoris is aroused indirectly and this can lead to orgasm.

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