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Oral Sex: 5 things never to do when you're 69ing



Staying on top with all the continuous pains that unavoidably follows is not the only move available.

You can try lying on your side, which works just as well and won’t result in constant cramp.

Below are things you shouldn’t do while going down on each other.

1. Don’t focus on how much you suck at blowjob that you forget about her vagina

Focusing on this problem is heavily predictable, but if you can try to focus on your partner fully with the opinion they’re doing the same to you, somehow it will work out pretty well.

2. You don’t have to spend the whole time wondering if you’re going to hit his face in with heavy vulva

Sex will not be enjoyable if you or your partner are spending the whole time feeling like your butt is too heavy and what if you choke him with your whole body.

3. Don’t pretend to like what he’s doing to you

For instance, If he’s putting his nose in your butthole and you’re not into that but you feel like you can’t tell him to stop it because you’re all up on his dick, just stop for a second. Just because you’re both busy doesn’t mean communication has to disappear.

4. Do not put your nose in her butthole like you’re digging for your missing wallet

We are not saying it feels bad or it’s the worst thing you could do if it happens accidentally, but not everyone wants nose-butthole action, so just ask first to make sure.

5. Never put a surprise finger inside

Don’t surprise anyone ever. Follow their lead and try to draw up blueprints and follow them to the letter. However, deviation from the original plan might not be a pleasant outcome.

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