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Oral Sex: Things guys think when you ask them to go down on you



When you ask your man to go down on you, there are so many thoughts going on in his head or a little scorn on his face and you try so hard to put one and two together, but all to no avail.

However, below are some of the things going through his mind when you ask for a tongue wiggle downtown.

1. Are you going to reciprocate?

A woman’s orgasm is more of a semicolon on the sentence of sex action, while a guy’s is a period. But I wouldn’t turn down a little bit of mouth action.

2. Can we just go over one more time

Why is 69ing not a valid option here? It’s not weird. It’s very useful and can make the sexual act more fun for us both.

3. Try not to move around so much

It can be hard, but you’re like a slippery eel when you’re close to orgasm. It makes it tough to keep doing what I’m doing that makes you orgasm in the first place.

4. Keep in mind that I need to be able to breathe through my nose

You tend to forget that when I’m down there and I’m going to need a water break at the 10-minute mark. Don’t get mad at me. Hydration is important.

5. Do you really expect quality nipple play right now?

I have numb arms now and you know that about me. However, I’m getting way too turned on. Seriously, you better not fall asleep on me after this.

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