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Sex: 3 instructional positions for clueless partners in bed



There are some people in this life you’re gonna come across who aren’t quite getting it in bed and it’s either they don’t have much experience or just picked up some bad porn moves.

So whatever the case is, here is how to help your clueless partner diligently in bed.

1. on top of the class

Teach them this skill by getting on top and propping a pillow under their head so they can really see what’s going on. It lets them feel how deep and fast you like to go, plus they get an up-close look at exactly how you like to touch yourself with your hand.

On top of the class


2. Ghosting

Prop a mirror nearby and sit at the tip of the bed, with your partner sitting behind you. Put your hand over theirs and guide their hands slowly over your body and up your inner thighs, showing them exactly as you like to be touched.



3. Greatest show

Get in the position you use when you’re alone and let them watch, but not touch. You might think you look weird or whatever, but that’s actually what’s so good about it. If you can be your most raw, natural, open self with someone, you are doing it right.

Greatest show


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