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Sex: 3 non-penetrative positions that will make you drool for more



You might not just be in the mood to have something inside you. That’s literally all there is to it.

So for all those times and everything in between, here are 3 non-penetrative sex positions that will redefine sex for both of you.

1. Cheeky monkey

Let him go downtown on your outer ass with a little almost-butt stuff. Have him lube up his penis and place it between your butt cheeks. For a totally new angle, have him flip around and face your feet. While he thrusts away, you’re free to touch yourself exactly as you please.

Cheeky monkey


2. Boob job

The key is kneeling between his legs to let force give you a mini boob job. Squirt some lube between your breasts, push whatever you’ve got together, and supplement with lubed-up hands.

Boob job


3. Standing slide

Stand up and bend slightly forward, holding onto something firm for support, while pressing your legs together. He stands behind and slides his lubed-up penis between your thighs. Angle yourself so he’s thrusting across your clit. You can easily reach down to rub yourself.

Standing slide


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