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[Short Story] My Experience With Robbers Last Night



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At 11pm last night, I was awoken
from sleep when I heard
footsteps at the window. There
is a curfew at 7pm and at that
late hour, it is expected that
people are in their various houses. This is not the fist time
robbers have attempted to
break into my house but this
was intense. I quietly got up from the sitting
room floor I was laying on and
moved to the bedroom to join
my grandmother and baby cousin
on the bed.
Gradually, the footsteps heightened and from the room
window I could see men standing.
My heart sank and I suddenly, I
had a hard time breathing. My
grandma tried to calm me down
and it seemed to worsen. I wasn’t wearing any cloths and I
usually sleep and thought of
getting something to put on.
These robbers sometimes rape
girls and it doesn’t help to be
Unclad in the first place. That would cause some noise so I
decided to forego the thought. They started to spread out. A
number of them moved the front
and some went far out to the
background. The ones at our
window kept talking in whispers. I
really couldn’t fathom what they were saying as my heart was
racing faster than I could ever
imagine and suddenly I heard
these words ‘pass me my gun.’ I think I died! Immediately I
turned into a prayer warrior,
mumbling incoherently in
whatever tongues I could speak.
I asked God to forgive my sins, I
thought of hiding under the bed or inside my grandmother’s
wardrobe. But what about her
and my cousin of 4years?
I tapped grandma to tell her
what I just heard and she
assured me to keep calm, my cousin on the other hand was
very much asleep. I instantly
wished I could turn into a child
and be unaware of what was
going on in my surrounding. Taking a pillow I covered my
head and put a fingerin each
ear. Their voices grew louder
and just then, a dog started to
bark. I have always hated that
dog (and all dogs generally), but I think it helped us.It barked
violently from a distance and
seized a bit. Then resumed, this
time even more and came
towards our window, running
and barking. I could hear the footsteps of the thieves fading
as the dog got near and soon
after, there was a heavy
downpour; the kind that shook
the place. They went to other people’s
Windows and probably other
compounds.The rate of robbery
in some parts of Rivers State is
becoming alarming. Needless to
say, I am not sleeping at home tonight. Should my heart keep
skipping this way, I may have
hypertension before 20.

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[Short Story] My Experience With Robbers Last Night

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