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[Story] Adebimpe The Facebook Girl Season 9 (Final Saga) Episode 6


Adebimpe the facebook girl


…After Segun’s call.

I dropped my phone on my bed and started sobbing again with thoughts of death running through my mind.
“Won’t i eventually die when i tell Segun about the oath?”
“Betty will now marry another guy after my burial”
“Adebimpe will now be free and flexing”
“Or should i lie to Segun and say something else”
“Onihaxy, i think you are tired of lying?”
“What if all my secrets eventually burst out into the open?”
“Won’t that even be worse than death?”
“I wish i never took the oath in the first place”

I thought over and over again while sitting on my bed, my heart was heavily burdened with fear and thoughts of death to the extent that i began to imagine myself standing in front of the angels and awaiting judgement. I thought of leaving a farewell message for Betty but i don’t even know what to type. I was still lost in the thoughts of whether to pour out my mind to Segun and die or keep the words inside of me and live, Segun called my line again but i din’t pick up.

After the third call from Segun which i didn’t pick up, he sent me a text message.

“Onihaxy, we have been a very good friend from childhood and i so much appreciate our friendship so far, we have always been like blood brothers who is always there for each other, i just want you to know that death is a spirit and it will come visiting everyone someday, so it’s not something we have to fear about, spill out what is on your mind via chat and i can assure you that you will be alive. And if otherwise, i just called my pastor and informed him and he has started praying for you. Let’s chat Onihaxy……..”.

I continued to read his text until the last word and i felt a relief inside of me that someone really cares and his soft and boldness words strengthened my spirit and mind and i finally made up my mind to chat with him and i didn’t care about whatever the outcome may be. I picked up my phone, opened my WhatsApp messenger app and decided to chat with Segun.
ME: hi Segun

SEGE: welcome Onihaxy, i have been waiting online for you, please talk to me

ME: i am so scared

SEGE: you don’t need to be scared Onihaxy. Like i said earlier, the gods are like computer programs, they only process whatever you input into them. Since the keyword of the oath was that you will never say it out to anyone, then you are safe on chat.

ME: hmmmmmmmmmm

SEGE: yes Onihaxy. And in case you are still scared, maybe you should come over to Akure so that we can go and see my pastor. But i’m still assuring you that nothing will happen to you.

ME: Ok, this what actually happened..

SEGE: yeah, i am with you.

As i was about start typing, Adebimpe’s voice started running in my head and all i was hearing was “YOU WILL DIE!!!!!!!”. At the same time, i was hearing Segun’s voice on my head also saying to me “DON’T MIND HER, YOU ARE SAFE!!!!!”. Both voices were clashing and overlapping in my head and i became dumb.I was still holding my phone and clueless of whether to type or not*** chai!!!, death is not really an easy task ooo, even the most frustrated one aren’t ready to die***. I heard chat notifications and my mind was restored back.

ME: hello Segun

SEGE: Hi onihaxy, why have you been silent?

ME: nothing jaree.

SEGE: ok, just be bold enough and type.

ME: ****took a deep breath****Ok, it all started when i traveled to Niger state for that fake GNLD job, remember i told you that i met Adebimpe who happened to be the nurse in the hospital that i was admitted to?

SEGE: yes, i remembered. When she seized your credentials isn’t it?

ME: Yeah, i think you told me that.

ME: ok, months later when i went to Lagos to visit Betty, Daniella fell from the staircase and lost some blood.

SEGE: you mean Bimpe’s daughter?

ME: yes. Henry wasn’t around then and Daniella needed blood, i was called upon to come around, the Doctor tested my blood and it was compatible with that of Daniella and i ended up donating blood to her. But after then something happened.

SEGE: What happened?, you discovered that you were the real father of Daniella isn’t it?

ME: ****surprised and scared**** What? Who told you that?

SEGE: hmmmmm, forget that Onihaxy, i have known this for a long time now. I just decided to keep mute since you didn’t tell me about it.

ME: **still surprised** but wait Segun, how did you get to know this?

SEGE: I have the password to your facebook account, hope you remember?

ME: yes i do. But Bimpe and i never talked about it on Facebook.

SEGE: yeah, you never talked about it directly but i saw some chats like “you don’t care about the baby” and stuffs like that. That was when i deduced what really happened after taking my time to analyze the chat messages.

ME: when was the time you saw the messages?

SEGE: not quite long. I think few month back

ME: hmmmmmmmm, that was season two of my problem which God had helped me to solve anyways.

SEGE: ok, continue with the season one then. How exactly did you find out that Daniella is your daughter?

ME: during her admission at the hospital, i put several pressures on Bimpe to tell me the exact reason why she wanted me to donate blood. That was when she old me that i am the real father of her daughter.

SEGE: chaiii, that means she knew it before her daughter was admitted.

ME: yes, she did.

SEGE: that girl is a smooth criminal. So what happened next?

ME: she later deceived me to take a cup of drink after she begged me to promise her not to say it to anyone else. It was when i finished the drink that i saw a kolanut at the bottom of the glass cup. It was then that she told me that i just sworn an oath and that i will die when i break it according to what i said when i promised her.

SEGE: hmmmmm, you are just too dull Onihaxy, see as this girl was just outsmarting you.

ME: it was not my fault Segun, i never knew she put kolanut inside the cup.

SEGE: well, it might just be a prank from Bimpe anyways, the Bimpe that i know is very cunny. What now happened?

ME: now, Henry just found out that he isn’t the real father of Daniella, my blood test record is still at the hospital where Bimpe is working, Henry and the head doctor in the hospital are friends, i’m supposed to travel out latest in a month tim and Henry is the financial back up, Betty must not hear about it, Henry must not know. Now i’m confused on what next to do.

SEGE: hmmmmmmm, this is a very complicated situation that requires wisdom The only person that can rescue you now is still the same Bimpe. If she can successfully retrieve the blood test results and tear it off, and also hide your identity from the issue on ground, then think you are safe.

ME: you think so?

SEGE: yes. Just that it may come with a price.

ME: What is the price?

SEGE: She might request for the continuation of the affairs between two of you

ME: hmmmmmmm

While in the midst of the chat, i started feeling some pains on my throat, it appeared as if something got stocked in my throat and i began to cough out loudly……….

To be continued…
Watch Out For The Next Episode..

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[Story] Adebimpe The Facebook Girl Season 9 (Final Saga) Episode 6

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