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back to my hood

The story below is an exclusive work of a hardworking writer, by Sak. All forms of reproduction in parts or full without prior written permission of the author is vehemently prohibited. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or otherwise). Any form of plagiarism will be thoroughly prosecuted.

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Am Sakpaku Prosper, a poor boy of 21 years in the
village of Antobia. Am 6ft 2 inches and weigh 72kg.
I had the chance to turn my life over but now don’t
know who to blame for halting my success.
This is how it all started…………
I was born to the Nkuah family in Sefwi Antobia. I had
7 other siblings living with my dad and mum who
could not even afford us 2 meal a day.
I completed SHS last year with a scholarship I had
from my Village chief as being the best student in the
community after I had the the best grade in the BECE.
Even after SHS I have been selling “pure water” to keep
the family moving.
My fortune almost change just last four months as Mr
Aduhene the richest man in our village who works at
Ghana Port and Harbour and live at Trasaco Accra
visited my family.
I was selling my pure water that day when I was called
home by my mum to meet Mr Aduhene the Guru.
It was after I got home that I heard the good news
that Mr Aduhene want to take me to the city where I
can stay with his family and prepare for my tertiary
I was to make instant preparation since I was told we
will leave the village for the city the next day.
I couldn’t sleep that night as the imagination of the
city of Accra gave me a headache through out the
night. I packed my obroni waawu in my Ghana must
go bag.
The night finally drop its time and Mr Aduhene finally
came to our house to pick me up in his Ford Fusion
modest car. We set off from my village that morning.
Hmm that was the first time i really felt the comfort of
air condition. But hey before that morning I had a heap
of advice in my pocket from my parents….
Hmmmm can I really live with this rich family?
That was the question that ruled my mind till we finally
got to mr Aduhene mansion at Trasaco
Watch out for Episode 2



We finally entered the compound after the gateman
opened the door. I got out from the car and reach out
for my Ghana must go bag. I followed Mr Aduhene as
we entered the living room. I must confess, my head
was up till my leg hit one of the tables in the Hall. Wat
a fool I said to my self. The glace I was having in the
Hall never made me notice that the wife and daughter
of Mr Aduhene were already seated in one of the ‘three
in one’ sofa watching movie on the big screen which is
equivalent to the ‘ceni’ we use to watch in the village.
Suddenly Mr Aduhene called out my name
Me: Yes sir
Mr Aduhene: sweetheart this Sakpaku. Anita, Sakpaku
will be with staying with us. I guess you now have
someone to stay with at home when we not around.
Anita and Mrs Aduhene both had a funny smile as they
pictured me from head to toe. I guess it they were
laughing at my bag and probably my long and unkept
hair which I cut the last 2 moths.
Mr Aduhene: Sakpaku, this is Faustina my wife and
Anita my daughter. Hope you will b a good boy. The
man at the gate is Mustapha.
Faustina: you are welcomed my son. We promise to
make your stay a joyful one.
Me: thank you madam.
Mr Aduhene then told Anita to take me to my room.
Anita: Follow me Sakpaku.
Me: OK
She finally took me to my room and I couldn’t believed
my eyes.
My room had a full 7 by 8 inches bed wit string
mattress and 3 pillows.
Anita told me to feel comfortable at home and that
they are happy to have me in the house. I thanked him
and she left my room. I was soo happy to be living in
such a house lacking nothing all.
5 minutes later Madam Fausty called me to come to
the living room which I rushed to her
Madam Fausty: Sakpaku please go and have a shower
so you can go the barbering shop to cut your hair.
Anita will take you there.
Me: okay mum
I rushed to the washroom to have a shower. The
coolness of the water from the shower kept me in the
wash for more than 25 minute though my normal time
in the washroom use to b 6 minutes.
I entered my room on put on my obroni waawu shirt
and my black jean trouser which I which once every 4
I came out of my room after dressing up to the living
room where madam Fausty and Anita were seated.
Anita: are you ready
Me: Yes madam
Anita: Eihhhh please am not madam. Just call me
Anita wai.
Anita and miss Fausty looked at each other and
Me: OK
Anita: Then let’s go.
She went to her room to pic her car keys and step out
of the room to the compound. Anita also uses Kia
Sophia ii 2013 model. She jumped into her car and
made a u-turn towards the gate and asked me to join
her at the front seat where we drove off.
Anita and I never had a chat till we got the barbering
The barber gave me a nice cut after 30min. Anita was
busy making calls in her car while waiting for me. I
finally got to her after I had my hair cut.
Me: Anita please am done.
Anita: Wow, like seriously. You looking great. You such
a handsome guy. She said with a cool tone.
She drove back to a filling station to get a fuel after
which she bought 3 shirts an 2 trousers for me in a
boutique located close to the filling station. I thanked
her and got back into the car.
While driving home Anita and I had a little chat
Anita: Sakpaku, how old are you
Me: 21
Anita: I don’t believe it. Your height an structure can’t
be for a 21 year boy
Me: Am serious. That’s my age.
Anita: OK. I head my dad will b taking you to one
private university around. He told us you are good
student. The champion in your village (she smiled)
Me: hmmm.
Anita: Am also 23 a fresh graduate from the university
of cape coast. I have been leave with my dad an step
mother for 15 years now since my mother died. I like
my step mother very much, she is a caring woman.
Me: I look at her with suprise ….so the woman is not
her real mum.
I couldnt even say a world cos I shy Anita.
We finally got home. Madam Fausty was not in the
living room I guess she was in the kitchen. I entered
my room and lied on my bed. Suddenly I heard a
Me: come in please
It was Anita
Anita: you forget to pick the cloth I bought for you in
the car. Here are they
Me: thank you. I pick it from her
Anita: ahaaaaa…put them on let me see if they will fit
you as the guy at the boutique
Me: Took
I undress immediately with only my boxer and singlet
on. I put on one of the shirts n trousers she bought. To
b frank with you I look very handsome in those cloths.
I looked at d mirror in the drawer and thought it
wasn’t me.
Anita stood up and looked at me with flirty eyes,
Anita: you such a handsome man.



With my head down out of shyness I said ‘thank you to
My job in the house was to mob the rooms of Mr
Aduhene n wife, Anita and the Living room.
I was so comfortable with the work since I once used
to be a cleaner in one private school in my village.
It has been two weeks three days since my arrival and
I realised the family were happily living together until
that morning when I decided to go and mob the bed
room of my caretakers. As I got close to their I heard a
serious talks of challenge from the room which made
me to stand by without knocking. I could here Mr
Aduhene was seriously mad at his wife from the quarrel
they were having.
Mr Aduhene: what again should I do. I have taken you
to wherever you want. Yet there is nothing positive
coming out (in an anger tone).
Madam Fausty: pls give me some time. Let’s wait for
Gods time (could hear her weeping).
Mr Aduhene: that’s your business. I think I have to ….
(his phone rang).
I knew he was coming out of the room so I quickly run
out of there to my room. I got so disturbed and felt
pity for madam Fausty.
I said to myself ‘while my parents are having many
children and can’t take care of them the rich are just
searching for one’.
I came out of my room when I heard the start of mr
Aduhene’s car engine because I knew he was out. I
turned to Anita’s room to mob there this time.
Me: Agooo
Anita: Sakpaku, come in.
Me: good morning, am coming to mob the room.
Anita: OK ..go ahead wai.
Anita was dressing up to go out but I was so surprise
when she was doing that in front of me.
She took off her light washroom – dress which she
usually use when going to the bathroom.
Almost naked with only her g-string pant on she sat on
her bed and applied on her body some pomade.
I could not look at her direction and was so slow in
mobbing the room because I wanted her to dress up
before I could get to the position she was sitting.
Unfortunately her big mirror just in front of me worsen
the situation.
I saw her standing rounded breast with her two soft
butt as she stood up. I couldn’t take my eye off the
mirror. I could see her smooth an fine body without a
single mark on her as if she never crawl.
I suddenly felt my dick was springing up and nodding
in my trousers.
I was close to the direction of Anita but I decided to
push back the same place I have already mob for fear
of her noticing what is happening in my pant.
Suddenly she called out
anita : sakpaku, come help me lock my bral from my
I started panting but had no option then to face her.
She noticed how silly my dick was pressing up.



Anita: sakpaku, just lock my bral and leave my room.
I quickly held the two alms of her bral n started locking
the three pins together.
I could see how sexy Anita was.
Not even a dot of skin rush on her body.
I turned to move out after locking her bral as she
Before I could open the door Anita pat me from the
My heart at this time was on fire.
As I turned to face her, she quickly hugged me and
gave me a deep kiss.
Anita: You can have it now. I can see your dick really
need a place to rest.
The panting at this time was to great. I was vibrating
like a spare dum-sor generator.
I couldnt say a word to her. The best I could do was to
swallow the spits in my mouth like a wild green snake.
I have not seen a complete normal naked woman
before apart from that of my little sisters in the house
let alone entering into them.
Anita now was kissing and touching me with passion,
she pushed me onto her bed and quickly took off her
bral which I suffered to tightened.
Anita: Sak, pls touch me. Be romantic, I love u.
My eyes were closed like a Chinese man. I could not
look at her face. I lost all my mind set.
Anita: have you made love to a woman before?
Me: noo please
Anita then sigh. She pulled my trousers down, held my
strong dick from my pant as she pulled down the pant
Anita: wow…its too big
Me: whats that.
Anita: I mean your dick.
I was lying on the bed stiff like Ebola patient just
following instructions from Anita.
She held my dick and sat on it.
Anita: oushh…too big.
As my dick finally entered her tight pussy my body all
cooled at once as if I have fallen into an ocean..
She was swinging on me as I had a great feeling all
Three minutes later she asked me to be on top which I
replied. I tried my best to twist my waist as I can. I
could really noticed my dick was a little big for her
from her panting sound.
As I was about to come I heard the door making a
slow noise.
Suddenly the door was widely opened without a knock.
I jumped off her andn there I face……….


I jumped off her and there I face, Roby, the fat
American dog in the house.
I realised I didn’t lock the door properly when I opened
the it to move out as Anita first instructed.
But to be frank I almost fainted. I could feel my
intestines were all chilled in my stomach.
My thick dick shrunk like a one cedi sausage. It was
completely dead at that particular moment.
Anita: why did you scare me like that.
Me: did you not see the door opening.
Anita: Aaaa, what is wrong with you. Come continue
from where u left (she smiled).
I could see Anita was in love with my dick. She was
sexy and completely wet.
Me: please is OK, I can’t do it again. I don’t even know
what came over me.
I reached for my pant and trousers, put them on
quickly and rushed out of her room to mine.
I was shocked I did that. I couldn’t believe what I did. I
was thinking about what could have happened to me if
that fucking dog was her step mum or dad.
But I also realised that sex was good. I imagined how
my body was in a spinning motion when she was on
top of me.
I only thanked my God it was rody and not anybody
I remembered I have not mob madam Fausty room so I
rushed there to do it. I knocked wen I got to their room
Madam Fausty: Come in..
She knew why I was there so she didn’t asked me any
I went on to mob the room. I could see she was
cleaning up her tears. Her eyes where completely red.
I finished it up very fast and went to my room.
Anita entered without a knock..
Anita: am sorry for what happened Sakpaku. But I
really love it. You did OK.
Me: hmmm..I hope this don’t happen again.
Anita: eihhh…so you now instructing me? Is it because
I gave my boobs and pussy to you cheap?….anyway,
take this laptop. On it I have loaded porn videos , just
watch them and learn the styles for me tonight…she
Me: what? Pease don’t do this.
She showed me how to operate the laptop and where
the videos were.
Anita told me to watch as many of them as I can to
satisfy her at night.
I could see the passion and devil in her eyes.
Yet I feared if I don’t do what she wants she may get
me out of the house.
She left my room and drove out of the house.
I went to the washroom and had some shower. I was
about to sleep after the bath when i heard the voice of
mr Aduhene from the hall.
He was talking with his wife..
Mr Aduhene: I will be leaving for a business trip to
Kumasi. It would take me a month there..
Madam Fausty: But you suppose to go on leave this
friday so what business are you going to do in
Mr Aduhene: is non of your business.
Madam Fausty: please horney, don’t do this to me.
You have not slept with me for the past three month,
please don’t punish me for not giving you a child…
(she was weeping)
Mr Aduhene then came to my room and pass on the
news to me that he may not be around for almost a
month and that I should be a good boy.
He gave me 200 cedis to put on me and told me to tell
Anita he has left for a business trip though he will call
her on phone.

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