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Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl: Grace and the handsome boy from the Christmas carol


He was stronger than he looked which is why Grace liked him very much, he had a sizeable dick and he knows how to use it . It was finally Christmas Carol day and she was meeting Ezzy before the service close to the church.

“Come back on time o” Grace’s mother called out at her as she left

Going for Christmas Carol rehearsal for the past week has been really exciting mainly because she got casted as Mary but also because everyday before or after the rehearsal she would hook up with the guy playing Joseph. His name was Ezzy, he was tall and skinny.

He was stronger than he looked which is why Grace liked him very much, he had a sizeable dick and he knows how to use it .

It was finally Christmas Carol day and she was meeting Ezzy before the service close to the church.

“I don dey wait for you since” He said making her jump

“I bin dey cook” She said

They looked around to make sure no one was passing by before disappearing behind the bus, they walked through a footpath to an abandoned uncompleted building.

“Na who come keep mat here” Grace asked seeing the mat that was usually not there

“Na me, I no want make you dirty your body before the drama” He said smiling

The gesture made Grace smiled and she kissed him, he wasn’t used to kissing and it made me smile. He grabbed her ass as she kissed him, he lifted her making her giggle and carried her to the mat. He carefully removed her clothes and dropped them on a stone before taking off his clothes.

The way his dick sprang up when he took off his trouser made her spring up to her knees, she stroked his dick purring a little, she opened her mouth and took half of his length, she sucked closing her eyes, she bopped her head up and sucked on the head loving how his legs trembled whenever she did that.

She licked his head before taking his whole length down her, he wasn’t very big so she didn’t choke. She enjoyed how his dick massage her throat, she held unto his thighs for support as she bopped her head up and down fast

“Ahh ah Grace I go burst o” He moaned

He held her head and started to fuck her mouth, he pushed in and out of her mouth grunting till he came hard, shooting cum down her throat. She swallowed and he pulled her up, he got her to bend over and touch her toes while he positioned himself behind her. He guided his dick into her pussy he held her waist and started moving, ramming into her with such speed and strength making grace scream loudly.

She held unto her legs as he rammed into her from behind

“ah you sweet o” He moaned

He pushed in deeper and she gasped as he hit the spot perfectly, she reached for her toes pushing her ass in the air letting him sink into her deeper, she felt tingly inside and she knew she was close. She pushed into meeting his fast hard thrust, his thigh hitting her ass made really loud slapping sounds.

Grabbing her breasts she squeezed the nipples hard

“No no stop I dey cum o arh arh ewoooo” She screamed as she came hard coating his dick with her juices

He pulled her up and made her lay down on the mat, he straddled her and guided his dick into her very wet pussy. Lifting both her legs and placing them on his shoulders he slammed into her, he started to move almost pulling out and then slamming hard into her, her pussy made slushy noises as he slammed hard into her.

He reached and grabbed her boobs squeezing hard as he moved in and out of her faster, he pinched her nipples as he moaned making her moan even louder. He enjoys making her moan and scream so he pinched her nipples and pushed in deeper, he could tell he was driving her crazy and it was pushing him closer to the edge.

Moving even faster she started to moan out his name, he felt his balls tighten and he pulled out of her fast cumming on the mat.

They waited a while before they dressed up and headed to the small church

“Where una dey since time don reach” The man coordinating the drama said to them

Soon, the time for the drama arrived and they both took turns acting their part, she watched as he pretended to sleep and a tall boy covered in white cloth came to announce to him that Mary was pregnant

“how she get belle, I nova touch am o” he said to the angel

She smiled to herself, rubbing her thighs together enjoying hour sore her pussy was; but he did more than touch her

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