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heart of a woman



A true story of a lady who grew up Abroad, returned to Nigeria and fell in love with a younger guy. Unfortunately all hell was let loose when she discovered that she was being played. Read up my9jarocks.info

Episode 1

I slowly drew close to the helpless man firmly tied to a tree and removed the piece of cloth used to cover his eyes. He stared at me with shock and surprise. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“yes Kelvin. It’s me, why are you so surprised huh?” i asked with an unforgiving smile. His lips quivered, his face coloured more deeply. Tears instantly melted his eyes. Unfortunately none of it moved me. My heart was already made up and cold.

“Dear me!, Stella i beg of you. What’s in your mind?, what are you planning to do to me?” he managed to ask with trembling lips. I stared at his youthful body. He was so handsome, young and charming, but deep inside, he was nothing but a crook. A cunning b#####d. A gold digger.

I pointed the 9mm gun i held to his face, cocked it and smiled,
“nobody pulls a fast one at me. My face will be the last thing you will ever see in your miserable life” i threatened with a laugh while he screamed with all his might. My finger went to the trigger…….

How did my story with Kelvin begin???
I guess i have to start from the very begining.
My name is stella ****. The only daughter of a popular Imo state politician. A bonafide orlu daughter, but was born in florida which equally made me an American citizen.
I grew up in a family of four boys which influenced my life a great deal. I grew up like a boy and behaved like one until i became more matured. The only thing that differentiated me from my siblings was that i did my primary and secondary education in one of the unity schools in Nigeria while they did theirs abroad. But i however did my university education in America. So i really wasn’t a novice in Nigeria.

In 2009, i clocked 30 and fully returned to Nigeria with two degrees, a fat bank account, a hotel in owerri {which was a gift from my old dad}. my9jarocks.info
The current governor of my state equally was a close family friend and his contact was on my speed dial.
Infact i had everything a lady could dream of. Money, respect and freedom. The only thing that i lacked was a husband, but it really wasn’t as if i cared for one. I was yet to meet the guy who could command my unwavering respect and loyalty.

I already had experimented with a whole lot of them. Whites, blacks, french and so on but none gave me the appeal i wanted. Well all i enjoyed was perhaps the s#x…. my9jarocks.info

Settling down in Owerri however changed my life. I felt i knew it all, not until i was brainwashed and screwed by a Nigerian guy. But nobody screws me and lives to make a story out of it…..

More at my9jarocks.info

Episode 2

I guess i’m done with the introduction. It’s now time to move over to how i met Kelvin.
#Breathes deeply#.

It was In march 2009, can’t really remember the exact date, but it was precisely two months and some days after i returned to Nigeria. I was in Nwangele {a small town in Imo state} attending a cousin’s traditional wedding with my bestfriend Amara {A staff of First bank Plc} my9jarocks.info

As the event was about ending, we got ready to leave and stood up. But my companion suddenly begged for some minutes. She needed to greet a couple who were some distance away. I obliged and settled back on my chair, suddenly from nowhere a young man came over to me and began taking my pictures without asking for permission.

“aw you look so cute, mmmm” he tuned me as he took more pictures. I simply smiled, saying nothing.

“wow they are so lovely. I have to go print them out. Should i print all?” he asked curiously after taking quite a lot of my pictures. His eyes searched me as if he wasn’t sure of my stand {in terms of payment}

I looked into his eyes and saw ambition. Something clicked inside me. My heart melted, I was suddenly drawn to him.
He looked quite young, within the age bracket of 27- 28 years. He was fair, slim, tall, great body not too muscular. Infact he was quite an attractive male. I salivated as i weighed him calmly.

“so madam should i print them?” he asked again. His voice so cool and passionate. I really have never stared at any guy the way i did to him that fateful evening.

“actually i’m about leaving” i replied calculatively. His eyes instantly dropped.

“but you can bring it to my office on monday” i added, fetched my card and gave him.
“i will pay for your transport too” i added. His face instantly lit up with happiness.

“thank you Ma” he greeted before disappearing in search of more customers.

“hmmmm did you just give him your card?” Amara asked from behind as she walked back to the table, settled opposite me and crossed her legs.

“i like him” i confessed. She rolled her eyes and scoffed,

“oh please!, that guy is younger than you. We are in Nigeria oo. It’s even better you hang out with that fat honourable, what’s that his name?. Who has been virtually on his knees to have you than fall for that little boy” she advised with a laugh. I simply eyed her and discarded her advice…. How i wish i had listened.
Her advice was so on point.

more at my9jarocks.info

Episode 3

Early monday morning, i headed to the office with my hopes up. I just couldn’t wait to see the young photographer who captured my heart with a click.

I truly took great pains dressing up that fateful morning, making sure i looked as beautiful as ever. My heart kept throbbing as if i was having my first date. I couldn’t believe i was so blindly attracted to a mere photographer who wasn’t even my agemate.

By 10:50am, i was notified of his presence. My spirit lit up, leaving me with intense joy as i watched him walk into my office like a frightened school boy. I smiled politely, flashing him a very inviting look in the process while he quickly looked down as if he was embarrassed.

“good morning. I brought the pictures” he greeted. I nodded, offered him a seat and took the pictures, quickly going through them.
His work was very adorable and It made me more pleased with him.
{I do admire people who are good with what they do}.

“you know, i was expecting your call. You never called to tell me that you were bringing the pictures” i said calmly. He quickly shrugged with a shoulder.

“i’m very sorry. I just didn’t want to bother you with such a little thing. I felt it was better showing up without disturbing you with a phone call” he explained apologetically.

“it’s okay. Your work is very superb. Seems like you have been doing this for years” i said with a smile. He breathed deeply and smiled with me.

“not really, i started the job few months ago after tirelessly searching for a job” he explained while i stared at him curiously. A bit lost over his last comment.

“actually i’m a graduate of Imsu, graduated three years ago. It’s now a year and some months after Nysc yet i havn’t been fortunate to get a job. I had to look for a means to survive” he explained humourously, but i didn’t find the revelation funny. Instead i was deeply touched.

“so which course did you study?” i asked,

“Economics” he answered,

“hmmm that’s good” i murmured as i stared at him searchingly. I truly was impressed to discover he was a graduate.

“so are you making a lot from photography?” i asked curiously. He shrugged and said nothing.

“will you like to work in a hotel?” i asked, even though there really wasn’t any vacant position for him. But instead of answering, he stared at me curiously.

“as the assistant cashier” i added with a nod. His eyes quickly lit up with excitement.

“of course ma, if you find me worthy” he said happily,

“fine. Early tomorrow come in with your C.V” I concluded. He couldn’t believe himself and it showed by the excitement in him. He thanked me a hundred times over.

“so how much for the pictures?” i asked,

“don’t bother about the pictures madam. Just have them” he said happily but i refused and gave him five thousand Naira which he hesitantly collected before leaving. my9jarocks.info

Deep down I was very excited to have him working for me. It was the only way to have him close and i cashed on it.
Surprisingly I felt like a young female teenager who just got her first boyfriend.

Having kelvin under my payroll wasn’t only a good personal decision but a wonderful business decision as well. He proved to be a hardworking cheerful guy who turned things around for me.
Perhaps my affection towards him made me hold anything he did in high esteem, that notwithstanding he did a perfect job in the hotel, very loyal, smart and sharp in everything.

I slowly created a very close working relationship with him, which quickly grew into a harmless friendship. He told me all about himself, his old parents and siblings who were expecting much from him while i told him some of my little secrets.

Against Amara’s advice, i showed him where i lived, urged him to be very free with me, and equally began behaving a bit funny and carefree whenever we were together which he took time understanding.
Slowly and steadily after our friendship developed into something much more intense yet still harmless. We began spending some evenings together and i had no problem introducing him to my social circle amidst heavy criticism from friends, yet i was unperturbed because i felt i could mould him into an eye catching celebrity. my9jarocks.info

I began putting his interest as my top priority, completely losing my mind in the process. I was so much in love with him.
Every day i yearned to have him, i dreamt of having him inside me but it wasn’t in my place to make the final move. It was his to make, but unfortunately he seemed scared to make the important move. It was as if he was unsure of my feelings. It all showed in his eyes. I eagerly waited, dying in silence.

Finally on the first monday of May 2009, he brought a beautiful flower to me.
“happy new month” he smiled with affection. I closed my eyes with deep happiness.

“finally, at last” i breathed with great relieve. I knew he was finally mine. My perfect object, my creation. I had great plans for him.

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Episode 4

“wow what a surprise. It’s so beautiful” i screamed with great delight while he smiled happily.

“i’m glad you are happy. Seriously i do owe you a lot. I just don’t know how to repay you for turning my life around. You are an angel” he said sweetly. I blushed over his nice words. I was so carried away and happy.

“how about we hang out later in the evening. It’s my own way of saying thank you over this beautiful gift” i added and winked at him.

“sure of course” he accepted without any hesitation. I breathed deeply. There was no doubt he was finally mine.

We had a very wonderful evening at Mbari kitchen where we spent close to two hours gisting and joking. He told me funny stories about his university days while i used up my energy laughing over his funny tales. He really was perfect in everything. He kept saying the nicest things, filling my head with nice words that melted my heart like an icecream. I so much enjoyed the evening.

We ended up at his house by 9pm, because I gave him a ride home since he had no car of his own.
“i so much enjoyed the evening. Thanks” i breathed with delight as he made to alight from my car. He froze for a second, drew close and {switched on the car interior light} which instantly shone on us, lightening up his face.

My heart throbbed widely as we silently stared at each other. I so much wanted him to brave up and get his feelings out.

Slowly his eyes fell on my chest, devouring my bosoms which were half exposed under the revealing blouse i wore. My heartbeat increased, my expectation grew immensely. I knew something was bound to happen.

“let’s have another drink in my apartment. The night is still young?” he suggested with a dirty smile,

“hmmm is that a good idea?” i pretended to hesitate.

“sure yes. I don’t want this wonderful moment to end so søon” he murmured. I rolled my eyes, breathed deeply and followed him without another word.

Finally, as soon as we got to his apartment and the door shut behind us. He held me strongly and kissed me with great passion. My head instantly overflowed with desire.

“forgive me. I have being dying in silent for so long. I want you” he breathed. His eyes strong with great passion. I closed my eyes. I just couldn’t say anything, i was so overcome with happiness. my9jarocks.info

we were soon on his bed where he took his time making love to me.
He was so accurate. His kisses were so on point. His caresses strong and superb. He simply lit my body on fire, while i moaned away with all my might. He was so wondrous.

“i love you with all my soul. You can’t just imagine the kind of love i have for you” he breathed into my ear when we were done making love. I smiled and looked up at him lazily.

” I Love you my queen” he murmured before brushing my lips with his again and sending me back to paradise.

“I wish i have something better to offer you. I’m just a poor boy with nothing” he suddenly added, dropping his face sadly.

“you know when my parents abandoned my siblings and invested in me with everything they got. They thought once i graduate, that their sacrificies will be repayed. But here i’m years after graduating. I still have nothing. Since I’m unable to offer my family anything, what then can i offer to a rich wonderful lady like you?” he lamented, leaving me extremely touched by his outburst.

“you shouldn’t be saying such things in our first night together” i pleaded with great feelings. He breathed deeply and kissed me again,

“yea you are right, but i’m scared you will get over me someday, moreover i’m your employee” he concluded. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. my9jarocks.info

“kelvin please it’s okay” i commanded with a sigh. He nodded, smiled and buried his face on my bosoms, tickling me at the same time.

His words really had great effect on me, pushing me to discard my selfish interest and help him further. I had the contacts to get something good for him, but it could only mean that he wouldn’t be under my care and control anymore. I made up my mind that same night to push him into greatness.

“He is mine already and nothing will change it. Polishing him more will equally be good for my image” i reasoned.

I never knew the cunning bas.tard simply wanted to use me as a stepping stone. I was so fu.cking decieved into believing he was in love with me. my9jarocks.info

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Episode 5

As i prepared to leave early the next morning, he carried me on his laps, kissing my neck profusely.

“I hope last night meant a lot to you?, because it did to me. I’m so scared of many things” he whispered and bit my right ear. My body quickly lit up again. I felt intense heat underneath.

“seriously you don’t have a girlfriend?” i asked curiously, my feminine feelings taking control of me. He breathed deeply and dropped his eyes.

“no girl likes a boy who has nothing to offer. I have no girlfriend, moreover it hasn’t been long i started working for you and It will be foolish of me to go after girls when i have loads of things to do. For example, i rented this little apartment with all my savings, immediately you employed me” he explained calmly, kissing my neck again.

“but working with you got me to see life in a different perceptive. It made me realise that sometimes, the things we climb up the mountain to search could be within our very reach without us realising it. Working with you got me to see what a real woman is all about. A real woman is divine, strong, ambitious, passionate, friendly, helpful and overly beautiful. It took me two days of working in your hotel to fall in love with you. I had to hide it of course, but it wasn’t easy till last night when the feelings overwhelmed me” he spoke nicely, caressing me as he showered me with beautiful words. I never knew a Nigerian could be so romantic with words.

“so what do you want with me?” i managed to ask. He breathed deeply and l####d his lips,

“my intention is to lock you up and spend every moment of my life worshipping you” he replied and made for my lips with great passion. I was so carried away by the euphoria of his romance. My lonely heart couldn’t sense the deception in him. To me he was my ideal man, my creation, my everything.

“you can move in with me if you want. My place is very big and empty which you know. We can stay together while i use my connections to find you a better job” i offered with a pure heart.

“no no i can’t be a burden to you. I’m so ashamed, i have my pride to protect” he murmured with a coloured face which made him look very innocent. I hugged him calmly, my eyes wet with tears.

It’s really hard for we ladies to fall in love, but when it does happen, we do fall with all we have got. We do fall with our body and soul. my9jarocks.info

I told Amara all about the new plans i had for kelvin but unfortunately she wasn’t too pleased with it.

“i’m not against you helping someone in need, but doing it for love or to get something in return is what i won’t approve. I need not go further in this silly idea of yours” she said with a smile, expertly waving the topic aside.

I paid no heed to her and went ahead with my plans, travelled to Abuja days later and met Maj. Gen. Johnson who was a family friend and a very influential Army officer. He had strong connections with the ruling class and was in a good position to help.
I presented Kelvin’s case to him and had a hard time convincing him to help. He finally agreed after striking a deal with me.

Three weeks later, kelvin got a very lucrative position at the federal ministry of finance. To him It was a dream come true.
The love we made the night we got the news really was very stunning. He took me to paradise a hundred times over.

“you are more than an angel” he kept whispering in my ear all through the night.

He left for Abuja days later with his hopes, plans and expectations on the high side. I made sure he had everything he needed, virtually paying for all of them.
Our relationship continued as i hoped, We spoke almost every hour and we equally visited each-other as often as possible. Each visit revealed how well he was doing for himself.

In the first week of december 2009, he was used on a money laundering scheme {which really was the deal i struck with the Army General months back with my position as surety. It was because of the laundering scheme that he got the job in the ministry of finance}.

He returned a week later with his share of the loot. A very substantial amount which could make a bank manager gasp with wonder. He came running back to me, full of gratitude and love, surprising me with stunning gifts which left me totally happy. Everything was going as i wanted. I was so happy, very happy.

He proposed the next day, Sending my happiness to the limit. my9jarocks.info

“will you marry me?” he asked as we showered together after a night of passion. I couldn’t believe my ears,

“huh?” i murmured, cleaning my face with speed.
I opened my eyes to see a well shaped golden ring greeting me with its sparkle.

“so what are your plans?” i asked hours later as we lazily laid beside each other on my bed. He breathed deeply, kissed me and smiled.
I really was on top of the world, i havn’t felt so happy in a long time. I stared at the beautiful ring on my finger, my head swelled with satisfaction.

“i have a whole lot of things going through my mind at the moment. I feel like marrying you right away but i still have a long way to go” he answered and bit my ear softly.

“you know i’m still a nobody?, i can’t just walk up to your dad and tell him about my intention. He will be disappointed, seriously” he added with a sense of humour. I eyed him, saying nothing.

“i plan on renovating my dad’s house this december, and equally start up a more fitting building in the village, plus bills and everthing. But then i will deprive myself of buying my dream car and it’s a very painful sacrifice to make. You know how the city of Abuja works, without a good car you are nothing, moreover due to the kind of deals i’m now into, i badly need to upgrade my status at least to give the impression that i ain’t a hungry Nigerian. Besides i equally need to impress your friends you know” he poured out seriously, sending me into deep thought with his feelings.

“maybe i can be of help. You are already a big boy and we are now into this together. How about i get you your dream car while you fix other things with the money you have made so far” i offered innocently. He quickly sprang up and stared at me with disbelief.

“you mean you can make such expensive sacrifice for me?” he asked with excitement,

“why not, you have already proven your loyalty and love. The best i can do is to help you out” i answered quietly. He instantly fell on me with joy. He undoubtedly was overjoyed by my offer. So was i, because i was head over heels in love with him.

Two days later, Just like i promised, I got a very expensive Toyota SUV for kelvin. He almost ran mad with happiness which meant a lot to me.
I was never bothered about spending so much money to make him happy, moreover the surprise and envy i saw in Amara’s face when we invited and told her about our engagement made me very satisfied. She really was highly impressed by what she saw, and for the first time acknowledged our relationship.

“jeez you are one persistent lucky b.itch. Kelvin is now a big boy and all yours to enjoy” she commended with a naughty smile.

More at my9jarocks.info

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