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The Best Feeling In the World? A simple explanation why orgasm feels so good!



That’s the feeling we wish can be inside a bottle, so we can have buy it off the shelf and use as we please instead of doing something long enough for it to arrive. Essentially, the best feeling in the world.

Because of this intense feeling, the really smart people have study these, in terms of why they don’t happen, how to make them happy and now why they feel so good, the last is been understood thanks to a study conducted by Northwestern University Neuroscience professor, Adam Safron.

Daily Mail has published an article where Safron has “mapped out how rhythmic stimulation alters brain activity”

Essentially, sexual stimulation focuses the neurons in such a manner that we’re sent into a trance, by doing this, every other thing is blocked out, and the body is configured in such a way that it focuses immensely on the sensation alone.

Sort of like how you drink and let go of your problem for a while, you’ve got this brief amnesia that allows you to focus on the pleasure.

In this moment, we lose temporarily our usual self-awareness and being conscious of everything around us. No other natural stimulation could recreate this level of concentration.

‘Sex is a source of pleasurable sensations and emotional connection, but beyond that, it’s actually an altered state of consciousness,’ Dr Safron explains.

In the Daily Mail piece, Dr. Safron reviewed various studies on the issue from previous years, working a model in which rhythmic sexual activity influences rhythms in the brain. This model revealed that nerves being stirred in a way and speed in a continuous speed, focusing on our neurons. It’s because of these coordinated rhythms that our climax is initiated.

Speaking about his research, Dr. Safron added:

“Before this paper, we knew what lit up in the brain when people had orgasms, and we knew a lot about the hormonal and neurochemical factors in non-human animals, but we didn’t really know why sex and orgasm feel the way they do,” Dr Safron said.

“This paper provides a level of mechanistic detail that was previously lacking.”

Looking into relationships between sexual climax, seizures, music and dance, Dr. Safron’s research revealed that the four activities stimulate the brain’s senses with rhythmic inputs.

Long story short, Safron’s research puts emphasis on the rhythmic parts of sexuality, which could improve sexual functioning.

“The idea that sexual experiences can be like trance states is in some ways ancient. Turns out this idea is supported by modern understandings of neuroscience,” Dr Safron said.

“In theory, this could change the way people view their sexuality. And although obvious in retrospect, I wasn’t expecting to find that sexual activity was so similar to music and dance, not just in the nature of the experiences, but also in that evolutionarily, rhythm-keeping ability may serve as a test of fitness for potential mates.”

That interesting feeling that you get when you’re dancing, moving on the dance floor, and you seem invisible especially when your favorite song comes on.

That sweet feeling, according to this research, that same feeling is similar to orgasm during sex, only better a 100 times more. Hope you understand how orgasms happen now.

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