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Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl: Grace gets blackmailed by her boyfriend’s friend



“Oya hold your brothers well well o” Grace said to the eldest as she gave him N50.

Grace’s madam travelled for a church conference which left her with the opportunity to spend the whole day with Tunde, her new boyfriend. When the children left she applied powder and took lipstick in her bag because all the women and some men in the compound are really good at not minding their own business.

She closed the house and headed to the roadside to get a tricycle to Tunde’s house.

As soon as she was in the Keke she brought out her small torch light phone and called Tunde that she was on her way, the ride was short because his street was not far from her area.

“Ore mi” He said as he opened the door for her

She smiled and hugged him tightly

“I have missed you” He said before closing the door

“My queen, I wish I could see you everyday” He said before kissing her lightly on her lips

She smiled shyly avoiding his eyes

“You don chop” She asked changing the topic

“No, not yet” He replied sitting beside her

“Ahh why na, okay I will cook nice jollof rice for you” She said

“This is why I love you so much” He said placing kisses all over her face making her giggle

“Just tell me what you need” He said

She listed all the ingredients she needed before he left to the market to get them, she turned on the TV to watch some movies till he comes back. The knock on the door surprised her; did he forget something, she rushed and opened the door freezing immediately she did.

Standing at the door was her crush John that had caught her and watched her touch herself

“Grace? What are you doing here” He asked his brows furrowing together

“Errm tunde na my boyfriend” She stammered her gaze fixed on the ground

“So you’re the girl he’s been talking about, where is he” He asked

“Market” she replied

“Okay I’ll wait for him” he said

She let him in and he strolled in comfortably lounging in one of the chairs

“So you just tie my guy down eh” He started looking her straight in the eyes

“Does he know you are not a good girl” he asked a smile forming

“I will have to tell him” He said

“Ahh no please I love am” she said

He bursted out laughing like she said something very funny

“Please I go do anything” She pleaded

“Is that so” He said leaning into his chair before slowly unzipping his trouser

Grace heart skipped as he pulled out his dick out, he stroked it up and down till she could see the veins on his big meaty dick

“Oya come and suck” He said smirking

She fought the urge to lick her lips as she stared at his monstrous looking dick, if she knew he had such a big dick she would have begged him to fuck her senseless

“If I do am you no go tell Tunde” she asked

“Yes” he said

She walked towards him and squatted her face inches away from his dick, the thought of cheating on Tunde made her feel bad but the dick in front of her was making her salivate and besides she was doing this for him. She opened her mouth and covered the head of his dick trying hard not to purr; she can’t enjoy this, her tongue circled his pee hole which made him moan, she did it again before taking more of his dick into her mouth.

He pushed up gently making her take more of him, she took more till he was fully lodged in her throat which made her purr. His moaning got louder as she bopped her head up and down sucking as hard as she could.

She grabbed and gently massaged his balls as her movement got faster, he held unto the chair as her sucking got harder and faster moaning as she did. She sucked on the head flicking her tongue faster on the pee hole as he still.

“Yess cumming I’m cumming” he grunted as he held her head pushing it down

A knock on the door startled both of them but he held her head in place, she sucked harder till he grunted loudly before shooting cum down her throat.

She swallowed quickly licking the side of her lips and cleaning her mouth with the end of her top. While he dipped his trouser she ran to open the door

“Sorry the TV been loud” She lied

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