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The Big D: 3 best positions for huge penises



It can be kind of frightening when you come face to face with an oversized penis. But that doesn’t mean you should write a guy off because he has a big penis

There are a few basic truths to keep in mind when it comes to having sex with a bigger guy. Lots of lube is crucial, and it’s also important to take it slow and use plenty of foreplay so you’re ready by the time you move on to P-in-V action. Below are 3 top positions to try when your partner is bigger down there.

1. The reverse cowgirl

You want to avoid deep penetration, so have your guy lie down on his back and straddle him, facing his toes. Then, lower yourself so that you’re lying on top of him, with your back against his chest, and have him enter you that way.

The reverse cowgirl


2. Seated straddle

Ask your partner to sit down in a chair or on the edge of the bed, and straddle him while facing him. This allows you to control the pace and how deep he penetrates you.

Seated straddle


3. Close-up

Have your partner sit on his butt with his legs bent in front of him. Then, sit the same way while facing him, and scoot yourself forward until your legs are intertwined. Have your partner enter you from here. Since you’re on top, you can control the rhythm and how deep he gets. Plus, the padding from his thighs and your butt create a barrier to prevent him from getting too deep.



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