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Bathroom Sex: 3 positions that make it the best ever


Bathroom Sex 3 positions that make it the best ever

Certainly, you miss the excitement of possibly getting caught when you’re doing the dirty in your own bathroom.

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  • Sarah Babs
Bathroom sex can be super sexy with the right person.

Bathroom sex means that you have enough time and this unlocks the adventurous side of you. You will be able to experiment with new positions and even have time for some erotic and wet foreplay.

You will also deal with a much cleaner and more appealing set-up. Below are 3 sex positions to try in the comfort of your own bathroom.

1. The toilet seat rodeo

The toilet seat rodeo

The toilet seat should be used to your favour by just sitting down on top of it and having your lover sit down on top of you. Start by closing the lid and have your partner sit on the toilet. When your partner is seated on top of you, you can grind away.

2. The power room spread eagle

The power room spread eagle

This position suggests you lie down, taken upward on your bathroom’s elevated covers. Your partner sits on the counter or sink, and you stand between her legs. Then the seated partner lifts her legs so her ankles rest on her partner’s shoulders. The standing partner thrusts while the seated partner grinds.

3. The washbasin side doggy style

The washbasin side doggy style

Having sex near a mirror with both of you watching your lovemaking from angles can be very sexy and arouses you more. So, take advantage of the mirror’s visual appeal and bend her over, using the sink or counter to hold herself up with her hands. Slide in from behind, and you both get to enjoy the erotic view.

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