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Using The Back Door: 5 wrong ideas about anal sex you may believe



In this part of the world we are skeptical about discussing anything sexual. Penetrative sex? Maybe, ? Maybe not yet, ? Don’t even think about it, it’s abominable.

It’s vehemently frowned upon but some people are ahead of their time, and have already started participating in it, and it is not as bad as it has been put forward by several people.

As with anything in life, people will always partake in things that are unpopular things at the time. In a matter of time, it will become mainstream but if you’re still on the fence of the matter, Cosmopolitan sat down with Dr. Kat Van Kirk, a family therapist, and clinical sexologist to talk about the myths about anal sex, and why it’s not a bad idea.

Wrong Idea 1: Only sluts have anal sex

Girls who participate in anal sex are not sluts.

Fact: You must have heard this before, that people who do anal sex are those who are really bad because it is taboo subject. In studies, it is voted first place taboo sexual experimentation anyone wants to try. They’re trying something new, that’s all. If you’re not so judgemental, you can try it yourself.

Wrong Idea 2: It must be painful

Fact: It doesn’t have to be painful at all. People get too excited about these things and don’t do things right, and that’s why they turn out to be hurtful. A lot of women who enjoy can attest to it, is also doable. It’s advised that you and your partner start slow, make sure there is adequate lube and you work it slowly. Begin with fingers well lubricated, pain won’t even show up all through.

Wrong Idea 3: He won’t respect you after that

Allowing anal sex doesn’t mean he won’t like you anymore, he may like you even better.

Fact: That may not be the case, because anal sex is something that is still a taboo among society and popular culture, it may be the other way around. You’re part of the pioneer of something new, something fresh. So, it may even help you guys get closer rather than pull you apart.

Wrong Idea 4: If it hurts once, it’ll always be like that

Fact: This is from people who have tried it before, and was unsuccessful in their first attempt, and have closed the door on it. Well, it was bad, but you can start small, don’t go big dick at once, use the fingers, and don’t forget the lubes.

Wrong Idea 5: It’s the end of sexual problems

Emotional problems have to be dealt with, and anal sex isn’t the solution.

Fact: A lot of people think anal sex is the supreme sex that a lady can allow. Like men hold it in high esteem. So, in dating or marriage, ladies feel that if they give up the ass then things should get better. Sadly, if there are other issues that have been thrashed out in the relationship, those issues will remain even if the only sex you have with your part is anal.

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