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Coitus: For people who have anxiety about sex, try these positions



But you’ll need to put the phone down and stop scrolling through all your feeds first because it’s no secret that the current social climate can crush your libido or give you anxiety about sex.

See erotic positions below.

1. Lullaby rock

Face each other on your sides and wrap a leg around him. Instead of thrusting, grab a hold his butt or shoulder and rock him against your body. Take turns, and when you’re the rockee, just completely let go and let them take control of everything.

Lullaby rock


2. Connected hearts

Kneel on his lap with your legs on the outside of his. Move very slowly, gazing into each other’s eyes and synchronizing your breath as you move slowly. Take your time until you feel totally connected and if you can handle the heat of someone looking into your very soul, this is some of the most intimate, personal sex you will ever have.

Connected hearts


3. Lusty leg lift

Put on some heels and lift your right leg as high as it will go. If your leg doesn’t go that way like ever, bend it so he can hook his arm under it. Stand holding onto a table for balance as he enters standing, holding onto your leg and bum.

Lusty leg lift


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