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Vaginal Tenting: Why women can't handle bigger penises at times



There are also days she feels a bit too lose for even after you haven’t seen her in a while? One would conclude that your girl has been busy sleeping with other guys right? But trust us, you are wrong.

There’s a scientific reason as to why her vagina feels different than the other times during sex and it involves you.

However, scientists call this Vaginal tenting and this occurs when a woman is aroused to the point that the muscles in her uterus tense and rise, therefore, creating more space in the vagina.

According to The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health, the vagina, when unaroused, resembles a collapsed tubes with touching walls, about three or four inches in length.

Arousal causes the process of tenting to occur which then helps with vaginal lubrication and the thickening of vagina walls for better and more satisfying sex.

Foreplay is the answer to all your bad sex. While women take longer to get heated up for sex, taking your sweet time to make her wet and ready will make penetration a highly pleasurable sensation for both of you.

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