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World Cup 2018: 5 sex positions for football lovers who love to score big


Soccer doesn’t last all night, and chances are both of you will be in the mood for releasing some of that tension once the game is over.

Trust us, sex and sports are not all that different because they both involve stimulation, getting sweaty, maybe getting a little rough. So you try these 5 football-inspired sex ideas for that big goal.

1. The snap

You both start off in a standing position. One partner bends over as though to snap the ball while the other slides his penis in from behind.

The snap


2. The field goal

The female partner lies on her back with her legs up in the air, bent at the knees like goal posts, while you kneel in front and slide your penis inside of her or dives down for some oral sex action.

The field goal


3. The champion

One partner hops on top and rides away while pouring champagne down the front of their body or you take your celebration to delicious new heights by trying a sugary beverage with a yummy flavored lube.

The champion


4. The touchdown

He is down on his knees giving you oral sex, while you are standing at the door of the bedroom with your arms on the door frame. If he does a good job, come into the bedroom with him.

The touchdown


5. The halftime show

You can perform for your man with a sexy striptease or lap dance. Then, show how excited you are about the game by climbing onto his lap and riding him with the energy and enthusiasm of a stripper.

The halftime show


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